New!:Transcript of my comments on Phelim O’ Neill’s Guardian Blog of Falling Skies channel FX Tuesday 9pm

  • 11 August 2011 8:58PM

    @DrTheEvidence: & @ All

    good point about the forest, hadn’t realised with the Hansel and Gretel feel that the dark and enchanted forest was in there was never a good place to go in fairy tales, was it?! or rather the Tales of The Brothers Grimm more like, the original and very dark ones..

    nb. when i looked at the photo of the Blog by Phelim O’ Neill, apropo of nothing it occurred to me that there are no Asian people in it are there?, did they not make it? it seems it is only Americans who would have been around in the 1700’s eg. their seemingly favourite time period:The American Civil War..


    Yes, it is kind of fun, however i as explained originally am resistant to all the top heavy messages laden themes. I was a bit disappointed with the skitter as i thought they liked children, so why go all out to kill young Parker? for me to like the skitters best is a bit indicative of the characters, isn’t it?! i thought the caged skitter would somehow save him but there you go..


    “Ailing pies”! very funny;) not sure if you can claim racism on the basis of a pun on mex though…:)

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