new!:transcript of my comments on Phelim O’ Neill’s Guardian Blog of Falling Skies channel FX Tuesday @9pm Episode 7

  • 16 August 2011 11:34PM

    I was surprised Mike, as a black character, lived as long as he did. Unless a black character is the hero of a movie/series, he/she does not get to live very long in my experience.( The Deep Blue Sea being an example against this trend however the Chef was really the hero i suggest.)

    Surely Mike’s heroic death for the sake of the others was nothing of the sort? (“Go, you, go, I’ll be ok!”..) it gained them hardly any time and Clayton as equally pointlessly killed him for no good reason really.

    Oh dear the breech birth, before they even said it i knew that would be it. The stereotypical breech birth in primitive /emergency surroundings. However what was the emergency again exactly? As Phelim O’ Neill has said, i didn’t get what the emergency was either?

    Groan,(not that sort of groan) i wasn’t a bit surprised either when Weaver wanders into view and guess what? knows all about breech births! fancy that, this is all part of humanising Weaver time..

    Even the necessary pregnant woman/birth is tiresomely stereotypical for such apocalypse scenarios.boring..

    However i did enjoy Weaver’s query to said pregnant lady:

    Did Dr. Glass give you an E.T.A on that?!(yes, he is so butch & Military)

    Dear oh dear, the inexhaustible supply of two stroke petrol, army fatigues and American flags continues: this time an simply enormous one is conjured up out f nowhere.. and ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ is forced upon us

    yet again.. gosh how very deep and meaningful and oh so


    and we get a forced mini-history Hallmark lesson on the Bugler from Tom the Prof:

    The bugler played the Taps, it was from the end of The Civil was to tell the soldiers it was safe to rest..if this was a military funeral..(it isn’t actually yet they treated it as one)

    nb. for one amusing hopeful minute i thought the Prof might be going to beatbox the Last Post with his mouth , much like Jake Glynehall in Jarhead, but no..

    More references to their beloved American Civil war:in fact is this some sort of Civil War re-enactment but with Aliens?!

    I agree with Phelim O’ Neill, about the very welcome return of the quipping and at least a little lively, Pope. Also agree it’s annoying that we can’t quite like him as he is supposed to be a rapist. However:

    “What’s that smell? you’re boiling asparagus! that means you’re ruining it”

    as he’s lying captured, after being serially tortured and plotting his deadly escape, was amusing..

    Agree with Phelim O’ Neill that the portrayal of the sympathetic nature of the skitters is an interesting growth in a fairly threadbare plot. Although i was already sympathetic to them in reaction to the dire and dreadful human characters.!

    Spielberg, as it was recently pointed out in a review of his work, always does paint the aliens as sympathetic, more sensitive and right-on than the humans..cue Rick’s ending speech:

    “i don’t understand how they can kill their own kind..we could never kill each other, it’s not in our nature..

    The fact that Rick is pretty much an alien now and speaking for them has been brightly signposted for us along the way. I agree that this is the best and most interesting development of the story so far..

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