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  • 3 August 2011 6:48PM

    @Becks66 &@dunnock49&@DrTheEvidence:
    & @ all:
    Yes, i so agree! i am much amused you guys thought that too about the candles, so did i! ditto about the whole very tiresome and icky “militia” feel mentioned-i have become very resistant to this whole message heavy laden theme which includes soft military music played whenever Weaver appears (in his fatigues), the American Civil War references eg.the naming of the areas around as Massachusetts 2.

    Plus the interminable returning to the wall of the missing. Shades of 9/11 perhaps? but slightly distasteful in a drama i feel considering there are real walls of the missing today.

    It is because we are literally banged over the head with this message laden stuff that i become resistant to it. Ditto the fundamentalist style happy playing children and hallmark platitudes seeming to imply that this back to basics stuff is all so very moral. Likewise the children’s ‘Biology’ lesson which sounded creepily like a lecture on intelligent design..

    I agree it was a shame to loose the joyfully nasty and hallmark free Doctor Harris so soon. The alien is the best and most interesting and indeed sympathetic character so far…

    Noah the Prof is extremely tiresome i agree and very hard to believe as old enough to be the father of his older son. Ditto as annoying the artfully rubbed in dirt on everybody’s faces for the apocalypse look..

    nb. i note that the talk is mainly of guns, hardware, C4, R.P.G’s and killing & blowing up aliens (guys) and caring for the kids, the sick and the pregnant (women) except for the requisite hot chick with gun and the equally icky evocation of the issue of child soldiers via the harnesses.

    Also, the scene where all the women queue up to give the pregnant woman a bead and an inherent “wish” with each bead was severely saccharine, in fact there is a serious sea of said saccharine swishing about the ankles of the characters, except when the jolly alien is about and relieves the atmosphere..

    nb. if you were holding an alien would it be wise to open up a great big hatch to give him his water or wouldn’t it be better to just slide it through a sensibly small gap?!

    I agree that it has done a hop skip and a jump in terms of improving overall however i wonder whether i would have stuck it out this long if i hadn’t known it was by Speilberg? Probably not. Apart from the alien, and the brief sojourn of Dr. Harris, Pope was the most amusing character and he too is gone now.

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