New!:Transcript of my comments on James Donaghy’s Blog on The Killing remake:Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm Episode 6

  • 10 August 2011 12:03AM

    @haveadrinkonme &@ All

    i did wonder about the unusual characters, they’ve kinda grown on me, like you could be writing from Venus perhaps and that’s how keyboards are there?:)

    Yes, good points, is true, hadn’t clocked that. They haven’t tracked Rosie’s last movements at all have they? isn’t that Detective 101..and wouldn’t they have had to interview everybody at the school and so on..Perhaps it is not meant to be a Police procedural but all about

    the emotions

    Sorry about the distracting nature of my lipstick comment! feeling a bit bad and sexist to point it out even yet in my defence i have nicknamed Richmond pudding face and Yitanes Gitanes. That’s because she sneaks into the smoking room of the airport lounge for a crafty cool Gitanes..

    yes, “pretty, pretty vacant” as the Sex Pistols put it but i must be buying it to continue and like it! to notice it must mean i am not fully engaged as Dr Phil might have said..

    it’s the Dr.Phil i feel your pain smile

    spot on:))

    or the smile your Dentist might give you before imparting some bad news about your teeth perhaps!?

    It’s a shame really they don’t seem to do the plodding detective work since that would be a nice neutral puzzle giving a break from the all encompassing doom and gloom, indeed stygian gloom both outside and in. It’s true that it may be unfair as folk on here have said to decry the darkness of the outside however why does it have to be so damn dark inside as well?!

    There is not even the usual plague of American Drama low level lamps to relieve the near impenetrable darkness inside the family flat. On consideration i suppose we should be grateful for the Politicos airport lounge setting at least the lights are on and there are some big windows!

    This may well be purposeful to paint the picture of the depressive and mournful nature of grieving but i can see it getting rather tiresome over the long haul..

    i must have been missing the Detective work to look up the life cycle of Monarch Butterflies! Given that the idea of the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly may be deeply significant(or not) I have some silly suppositions on this symbolism;

    *Regi used to be a man

    *Richmond is really an alien and will at some point tear off his pudding face to reveal an leering lizard underneath

    *Ditto Belko and his beard, he shaves it off and is…?!

    *Jamie is not really a non-drinker and just pretended he couldn’t handle it (sticking his fingers down his throat) in order to appear non-threatening but is really a stone cold killer..

    *Holder is really a prep-school Ivy League type and usually dresses in impeccable pin stripes and talks posh..;)

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