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  • 6 August 2011 6:24PM

    hello fellow forumers & @James Donaghy
    @ James Donaghy:

    where they come acros Linden dragging her suitcase behind her and mumbling F*** missed it again



    does anyone think that Stan has the look of Ray Winstone?

    now that you mention it i can kind of see it, if a little more lumpen and a lot less about Stan, from Laurel & Hardy?!

    i thought Holder had been donating his suits to the charity arm of the transfusion service, since he was n-n-nineteen. And serving in Vietnam;)

    :)) (nb. Paul Hardcastle has committed the ultimate musical crime of setting that mix to What’s Going On?)


    i don’t recall any particular moments of impact or intensity. Although it’s possible I’m even more emotionally detached than I think I am.

    so true and funny:)

    Some ruminations and suspect considerations:
    the boring e-mail mystery:
    Yitanes:(nicknamed Gitanes) I like Yitanes even though i agree as somebody here said that her coffee ordering was cliche however that’s how they do it in the States. May i point out that she has a syrup of fig eg. wig and her hugely uncomplaining brown haired husband, hauled out of the office/airport lounge by two security guards on the strength of a mysterious e-mail/folder, was very much younger than her.

    This scene was curiously unsympathetic as it, like the e-mail mystery came too we didn’t even know who Yitane’s husband was and had barely seen him so could hardly care. The whole e-mail mystery lacks context and pace and is looking like the same outcome (or is it?) We just don’t care because we haven’t been given a chance to nor is it’s importance at all clear. However i don’t believe Yitanes is in on it nor her hubby.

    my suspect ideas:
    The Fiance’
    Being that i had a very left field theory in the original regarding the fiance’ being the Doer i get a second chance at championing that idea especially as he is both creepy and conceivably nasty. What man really talks in perma-marriage talk? Plus i don’t like him creeping up from behind on Linden. As somebody here pointed out-:bad move to pull on a copper. Also something slightly icky about his cake chomping abilities. Even though it was supposedly funny.

    The Sister
    I also seriously suspected the sister in the original. ditto second chance. (well involved)
    Note that we do not yet know her job here only that she “is taking time off”. Up till now she has been stoic and serene in taking up the reins of the household. Although i guess forgetting to buy food. (However Mitch said she would do it but was in no fit state)

    I had wondered at the sister’s lack of emotion or even signs of frozen shock like Mitch & Stan were experiencing. We even hear her laughing whilst playing with the boys. Although this is not unheard of after a death.

    Finally we see her retreat, bottle in hand and unusual fag in mouth to play a record in a room:Rosie’s record? to mourn..hmm
    nb. Do all the women have unisex names in the Larsen family except Rosie?

    Sorry this may seem uncouth but he was also one of my suspects. The old Dad a bit too friendly with the daughter theme and the most likely suspect considered first by the Police. But not yet. Or have i missed his alibi? Perhaps i have watched to many Law & Order Special Victims Units but i found the scene of him smelling Rosie’s clothes in deep into the wardrobe a bit worrisome. Not sure a recently bereaved relative would really be able to handle that. So soon. The clothes?

    I never suspected Troels ok maybe for a nano-second in the inimitable pizza scene with Lund until he said “Mon tableau” so endearingly!
    I agree with @James Donaghy that he did “have something of the night about him”.

    However this means logically speaking that i should consider him now..Yes, he has a sweet pudding face and charming sibilant husky whisper. His innocent seeming visage i remind myself should not dissuade me, Ted Bundy was a handsome fella. That was how he ensnared women. We tend to think pleasant looking handsome people just can’t be evil. But he could..

    Still, i’m not convinced, i think he’s the real deal and even though murderers can come from nice homes in Connecticut i just don’t see it.

    That leaves us Nathan, Richmond’s aide and Gwen. (Amber i considered briefly till remembering she is heavily pregnant!)

    Well i did wonder briefly if it could have been a woman in the original?
    If Rosie had been with someone, a mysterious boyfriend, consensually then why not? This is what comes from watching Wallander..

    I don’t know why, i keep coming back to the butterflies,
    Holder sure knew a lot about the Monarchs in Rosie’s film..

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