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  • 5 August 2011 11:08PM

    my ears pricked up when the un-named Police Boss retorted to Holder (in his suit Ah) that :
    “You look like you donate plasma for a living!”
    to which Holder replies:
    “Since i was 19”
    seeming to infer that he has done this continuously since he was 19 and is still doing so?
    The same un-named Boss i remember has also declared to Holder that:
    “You look like death”!

    Why plasma? i wondered..being of a curious nature i have now learned about plasma donation since i wondered why not blood donation and what did this comment mean?

    Well, long story short plasma donors (outside of the UK, New Zealand and Australia altho it didn’t specify the U.S ones did) get paid and can donate far more often than blood donors. They get paid because it has more risks.

    However unlike blood donors they can donate from once to twice a week tho this “varies by country”.(Wickipedia) Plus an ill person can donate their plasma as a Positive control for laboratory testing. Obviously they have to be screened for blood borne viruses.

    Bear with if Holder has been doing it since then (19) he either really needed the money and hence may have been homeless or was/is possibly ill. (he doesn’t look very well) This could also explain why he said he has been celibate for 6 months:if he needed the extra cash?

    This may be entirely off track i agree but i now understand the reference behind the comment which i didn’t before. eg. you look like a poor desperado..
    Pardon me if this has been very boring..

  • clarissima

    5 August 2011 11:43PM

    ps. anybody else get the feeling whenever the Politicos come into scene in their office that they’re actually in an airport lounge waiting for a flight?

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