New!:Saturday thoughts & forthcoming brilliant TV! tonight

Dear readers, i am still in mythical mourning for Wallander, however one has to carry on! just about to watch Inspector Montalbano on BBC4, in fact it’s looking like i’m late yet again..

Good news is that a totally brilliant series is starting tomorrow:the original The Killing proper name Forbryledelsen it is in Danish with English subtitles and is the best thing i have seen in a very long time. Well before Wallander came along in his inimitable way. Also it has a just wonderful non-sexist female Detective that we have all grown to know and love (ok not really but metaphorically). Detective Lund! Plus you get to hear spoken Danish, see day to day life in Denmark, the workings of the Council, the way the Danish do things just as in Sweden, with Wallander (boo hoo:)

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