New!Notes on Wallander& TV Stuff:Two more Wallander reviews to do:The Collector & the final episode The Witness

Just finished, below in the left hand Blog list, the episode called The Heritage. Have already written the finale or rather my final thoughts. The finale sounds rather grand, doesn’t it? Sadly, dear readers, it really is the finale. The actor whose name i will insert doesn’t want to play any more Wallander. Boo hoo. Although he is interested in an adaption of Mankell’s final Wallander book:The Troubled Man.

However i have discovered that i haven not seen all the Wallanders:how wonderful! Not the dread dead eyed Branagh or Rolf ones (although he is not bad) no, the latest Wallander who made it his own..

Then i do have some Made In Chelsea bits i will finally put up. Very, very late i know..

After that..who knows? Perhaps some more review of The Killing remake even though i feel i have rinsed it out and it can have no dramatic tension since this series does not end with a who did it! Then there is another year’s wait! Can i be bothered? Probably. But it’s no Forbrydelsen..which i am wonderfully watching all over again.

Falling Skies is rubbish and about to end. Plus it has dreadful sexist roles in it mostly. Except the eponymous hot blond chick with gun. Oh and the ever good humoured Doctor Glass. Question:would everybody really be in such a jolly old mood in the apocalypse?!

I know, Spiral 1 is coming to BBC4 next Saturday! how about that? I have a feeling i have seen a scene in that years ago where Le Judge goes to a farmhouse and there is a phallus collection on the mantle piece, which le Juge exclaims upon! Of course someone has been horribly murdered..

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