New:Coming soon:a virtual desert of good TV..Considerations Monday 1 August 2011:

Oh Dearie me, what is happening to TV? Now that The Chicago Code has finished and will not be re-commissioned and it seems pretty definite that the American remake of The Killing really does not tell who dunnit at the end! Apparently we have to wait for the next season to find out! That means next year.

Now i only have Falling Skies on Fx Channel (see write up 29th July) to make fun of and the wonderful Wallander to appreciate in all it’s glory. Ok Wallander’s plots are somewhat labyrinthine and it strayed into sexist trope last week tut tut. However it is still the best thing on TV. Wallander is in it’s defence seriously egalitarian about evil.

I have read some glowing reviews of
The Chicago Code extolling it’s quality and bemoaning it’s loss and may well do a final review myself since i did become rather fond of it in a bit crap but mostly good kind of way.

However i disagree with comments i have read comparing it to NYPD Blue! C’mon, folks, it was good but it wasn’t that good! The opening song was good, (if a bit daft ) Alderman Gibbons was extremely good, raising it above the tick boxes. However it had a slightly bemusing obsession veering on jingoism centring on pride in Chicago. and it’s police force.

Perhaps Brits just don’t get that. Can’t really imagine any Brit Police telling some evil baddie to get the “hell out of town go do it in California just not here, in Chicago” etc.. maybe it’s because we are smaller and we might get some eventual feedback from the Police in that other town for sending said baddies off to them?

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