New! Wallander:The Heritage BBC4 aired on-(to be inserted) Warning contains possible Spoilers

Wallander meets a beautiful lady who puts the moves on him! There are multiple murders too horrific to describe and the plot thickens on the love story, or not, between Wallander and the fair Katrina. Also in this episode Pontus & Isabelle slowly fall in love-Ah-but a bit boring really and as near to stereotypical trope as Wallander has ever been to my mind.

I have put a warning spoiler since although i am not going to say who did it the description of the plot right up to the end may give it away. In the story we do not see a person officially charged or named however. Best not to read it perhaps if you don’t want to guess which seems likely. For me, as my readers know, the plots are really secondary to my love of the series.

nb. Before i found out the correct name of this Wallander episode i had named it to myself:

Beautiful Woman One.

Indeed at the beginning we see this beautiful woman who has a name a bit like mine, Claire, with her husband, Manfred, in a very big house. Getting ready for dinner. We find out slowly throughout that this big house is a cider making business of many years standing. Who knew that the Swedish made or drank cider?

i recall a scene in the Danish The Killing (Forbrydelsen) where the pathologist mentions in detail to Lund his own cider press and even Bramley apples! Very British. I digress..

Scene cuts to Wallander who has a mini-record player in his kitchen and is rocking out so very happily to his classical music whilst smoking a fag and cooking dinner.

nb. A man after my own heart: loves records and has a retro portable record player so he can listen in the kitchen.

I do so enjoy these scenes where we see Wallander happy as a lark. He loves music with a passion as we know. He swallows some wine from his glass and off he goes in confident merriment to invite Katrina to dinner, next door..

Kurt asks Katrina for dinner:

“I have all this chicken!”

Katrina appears at the door and Wallander’s expectant hope comes crashing down around him as she says:

“I’m kind of busy”!

Looking sexy and somehow looking like she had someone there. I really felt for Wallander in this scene because he doesn’t realise that this is the freeze out. Hence we see him at work the next day say, so cheerfully confident, to Katrina:

“Let’s do that dinner one night ok?”

To which Katrina replies:

“Step into my office!”


Wallander comes inside.



“I am a Senior Public prosecutor and you are a Police Officer, ok?”!




Oh. No. Poor Kurt. Crushed and surprised. Yet i thought so. However what is going on with Katrina? Why did she so suddenly pull down the shutters?

I really felt for Wallander in this scene as he had not already recognised the big freeze.

All my hopes along with Kurt’s for this budding love story are now cruelly dashed!

However wait for the final episode, The Witness, when it becomes even more unclear!

Meanwhile the beautiful lady Claire’s husband Manfred that we saw at the beginning is found horribly murdered at their estate. Pontus and Isabelle are first to the scene. Pontus acts very solicitously towards Isabelle. He asks her if she’s ok at the end of the day and hugs her.

I remember that Isabelle was shot at the end of the last episode in the mad scramble on the beach with the baddie after Wallander’s unforgettable James Bond swim to shore. However her vest saved her.

Kurt goes to question a Polish lady worker, Mrs Anna Kowalski, living in quarters on the estate that are a lot less salubrious than the house. She was having an affair with the dead husband.


“Can you tell me why and employer would have an affair with an employee, did he pay you, offer you a residence permit?”

Anna Kowalski replies that it was none of those things.

Kurt back at the station.

“Don’t forget Isabelle, your debriefing”

Beautiful lady from the estate, Claire, comes to the station:

“So this is where Kurt Wallander works?”


She announces that :

“Anna the Polish girl came to me..said her husband was jealous of her affair with my husband.”


“Pardon me for being blunt, but you don’t seem that bothered about your husband cheating on you?”

Beautiful lady Claire:

“I am the fourth generation of the Starte family here at the Estate, I love this place”..

This must be why the episode is called Heritage.

Kurt & Katrina discuss the case:


“Yes, we all know about cheating, we’re experts!”

this, along with Katrina’s reactions to previous cheating suspects in earlier episodes must mean that her husband cheated on her i feel.

Isabelle’s debriefing:


“The trauma you suffered, is the same, in that you are not aware it is trauma, You were shot, the fact that the vest saved you”..

Pontus & Isabelle sit in the car and discuss the shooting. Isabelle says she tries not to think about it. Pontus says “I do”..

Pontus and Isabelle are called to a farm. Isabelle to farm man:

“Are you all alone?” (she is learning)




“Wait outside!”

Flies buzz.

Isabelle & Pontus find dead body in farm shed, hanging.

“Jan Kowalski, call Kurt”

Nyberg examining the body:

“It was Manfred’s blood” (the dead husband) found on Jan Kowalski

Then at Kurt’s house by the sea Kurt plays his music, smokes, swirls his wine around the glass and goes out to dinner after looking at himself in the mirror.

Meets Claire at the restaurant. She comes over to sit with him..

Katrina drives by and sees Claire talking to Kurt inside the restaurant.

Kurt tells Claire that Jan Kowalski is dead.


“Do you like your job?”




“You’re good at your job, I’ve been checking you out”!

Next day at the Police Station Katrina sways up to Kurt.


“Did you have a nice time last night? I saw you!”


“She was there with friends..”


“Until this investigation is over”..


“This investigation is over, it’s on your desk”!

(She’s jealous!)

Or is Katrina just cross that Kurt was with a potential suspect?

Next day a couple come back to their farmhouse, somebody has broken in!. The lady has a bad leg. The man, Benjamin goes upstairs, he looks at a bottle..

“Bam!” Big Noise..

“Benjamin? Benjamin?”

calls his wife, querulously..

Outside their farmhouse a beautiful classic C series red Mercedes is is left with doors open.

nb.This is exactly the same red Mercedes as the pug loving Policeman had in the episode Ghost.

Kurt arrives at the farmhouse, with his extra cool sunglasses on.

Nyberg examines the evidence:


“Two things, whoever did this was very determined, the knife went clean through his throat.”


“Could it be a coincidence?”


” I don’t believe in coincidences”

Back at the Police Station Kurt & Katrina discuss the case. Somehow Katrina has made Kurt come to her to discuss cases now whereas before she was chasing him for details.

Kurt comes to see beautiful Claire who says:

“Benjamin, he was here for lay-offs..”


“Of course if we think you are in danger we will offer protection”..

Kurt & Katrina back at the Police Station argue:

“You are so irritable!”

“No, you are!”


“Have you forgotten Claire is a suspect? Was it suicide? You don’t know”..

Nyberg present his findings:

“Here’s the rope, it’s new, cut, not whipped, no blood”..


“So he got the rope in place, went and killed Manfred”..

Later that night Kurt knocks at Katrina’s house:


“Another dinner invitation?”


“No, I won’t bother you again, I’ve come to tell you.. (he wants to talk abut the case)


“If he was jealous and planned to kill himself, why not leave a note?”


“Hmmm..We will continue to check”..

Next day Kurt goes to talk to a very angry largely pregnant lady Accountant who used to work for Claire’s Cider company:

“That psychologist Benjamin was a pathetic loser. Go, look!”

She shows Kurt the Company accounts..

Meanwhile beautiful lady Claire, who now has Police protection in the form of sturdy sanguine Svartman, goes to the wine cellar to choose some wine. She blows off the dust from the bottle, hears something, gets out,and tells Svartman that someone is in the basement..

All the light bulbs are off as they always are in these moments in basements. Svartman, who has remained impassive and impervious to Claire’s efforts at charming him so far, finds nothing down in the dark basement.

Meanwhile at the Police Station, Pontus & Isabelle keep looking at each other. Isabelle manages to look smouldering and sexy over the computer. Next thing we know, they go out, get drunk and go clubbing! They say goodbye outside the club.

“Sleep tight!”

“You too”.

He lets her walk home alone. Tut, tut, Pontus. His door bell rings and it’s her! They snog horrifically then shag. Bit cliche’ for Wallander equals boring.

Next scene we see a cool security guard who looks like a very skinny Billy Connolly with long grey hair and beard. i say cool since he, like Wallander, has a record on and it’s playing full volume. (70’s Psychedelic rock?). Wait, he hears a noise, and guess what, doesn’t last long, as he too is shortly stabbed..

Katrina comes to see beautiful Claire at her mansion Cider estate:


“You’re not very interested in seeing this case solved, are you?”

nb. We keep seeing shots of a strange girl with black hair, brushing her teeth all the time..

Kurt tracks down this girl:


“Are you Beatrice Salin?”

Beatrice stabs Kurt!

Isabelle chases Beatrice, gets her in her sights, then freezes with her gun in her hand , pointing! Beatrice walks away.

(Isabelle clearly has post traumatic stress)

Kurt at the hospital:

“I’m fine!” (phew)

Kurt is ok thank God. He has a bandage, puts his crisp white shirt on. Goes to work. Looks at all the case photos.


“How could you be so bloody careless?! I went over there to talk to her.”




“I’m convinced she still has something to tell us, the suicide, I’m not convinced, and you still haven’t..”

Kurt points at a photo:

“That’s Beatrice Stjarne?”


“Yes, Claire’s sister!”

Kurt goes to question beautiful Claire about Beatrice:


“Yes, poor Beatrice”..then puts the moves on Kurt, tries to kiss him, he leaves!

Outside, Kurt has a fag in his mouth, takes it out and goes back into the wine cellar. Sees the nylon rope..

Pontus &Isabelle are outside Claire’s Estate guarding her whilst sitting in the car.


“One hour left, shooting stars, that means you can make a wish”..


“I haven’t told Wallander”


“No, Wallander is blissfully ignorant about all this”

They snog in the car.

At that moment Beatrice sneaks into the house to see Claire.

Next thing we know Beatrice is stabbed too. Kurt comes to the scene and berates Pontus & Isabelle:

“What the hell happened here?!” What were you doing? I expect a report on my desk first thing in the morning!”

Kurt to Nyberg:

“When will you be finished?”

Beautiful Claire:

“I had no choice, it was self-defence!”

Isabelle & Pontus:






“I don’t know, Good Night”

Beautiful Claire gets taken into the Police station:

We see CCTV film of Kurt interviewing Claire. As Katrina watches.


“Whilst her back was turned?”


“You promised to protect me!”


(and i love this line)

“Because we have secure evidence of tears”!

he continues:

“Which pocket, the right or the left? (Claire is claiming that Beatrice took out a knife) you would know that, you hit her 4 or 5 times, that’s not self defence, that’s murder! Christ, knock it off!”

Beautiful Claire jumps on Kurt. Not looking quite so beautiful..

Kurt into microphone:

“Kurt Wallander is taking a five minute break”..

Next scene:

Kurt sits at home. He watches Katrina, walking by the sea, after jogging. From his window.

Ahh, all together now, Ahh..

This is how it ends. We don’t see beautiful Claire get charged.

nb. At one point Martinson and Kurt are in a bar having a beer and Martinson says:

“But I should think some ladies have the eye for you?”


“I don’t know, I think my age has affected my judgement”

Also featured:

A very lonely old lady whose husband drank himself to death after being laid off by Claire’s Company, begging Pontus & Isabelle to stay.:

“But i have fresh coffee and buns”

A very angry pregnant chain smoking lady accountant.

A Paranoid Schizophrenic sister who has lines of white knickers/pants in her apartment and the tiniest mirror ever on the wall.

In Wallander evil is egalitarian:

We have had a woman baddie before. Here we have angry women and a woman baddie.

Also our first sight of a Swedish restaurant.

I forgot that this episode contains the embarrassing sight of an actual flashback showing how one of the crimes was done! However since it is Wallander i forgive all..

transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 9

  • 27 August 2011 2:47PM


    Ii agree with all your points and your post at the top particularly sums up the remake-don’t go! your post thus:

    not as good as the original the fact, that the consensus is that it isn’t. The truth hurts. Obviously. I am no raving Danophile or Amerophobe (sic) They are what they are. Please deal with it. I don’t think the US version stands up on it’s own at all, even in comparison to UK programmes. I watch it in the hope that it will improve and because it’s like car crash television. I often can’t believe what I’m seeing.

    Says it all-exactly! i watch it on the same terms. Applying the phrase that you taught me:

    pathetic fallacy


    to both versions:let’s imagine both of them out of the rain and the gloom and in the sunshine. Now which one holds up in the clear light of day and can still carry off an inherent atmosphere held within the quality of acting, the believability of the characters, their expressed emotions whilst in the midst of shock and hellish suffering such as the grieving parents? The politicos?

    Which Detectives would still be interesting with sunglasses on in a bright summer day? Which secondary characters might still appear indiscernibly good to possible evil? and which would emerge, blinking into the sunshine and be really rather dull? and how much longer would you keep watching them in the merry imaginary sun?

    i watched, long ago, C.S.I Miami and only found believable the character of the crocodile alike sneering Horatio and likewise, lately, the new Hawaii 5-0 which is ridiculous to the extent that the actors are so bad and the sun so bright and the scenery so beautiful that you can’t imagine any evil happening at all.

    taking this premise i suggest that only one character would emerge believably into the summer sunshine from the remake: and that is Holder, although he would be a blinkin plenty i suggest. It is he and he alone that is carrying that show. The rest of them are a paper thin as the tissue like gossamer carbon copy of the Original that that the remake is.

    @Kissington has every right to express his opinions here, which i for one agree with, as it is a forum and all discussions are welcome. However he does not deserve to be rained on his parade. There is a long tradition of satire and caricature as forms of criticism and not liking something does not preclude commentating on that fact and puncturing with our words it’s sanctimonious state of taking itself so damn seriously i suggest.

    That is what i enjoy doing and it is a valid form of criticism and should be left to stand for what it is. Plus such satire involves humour which can only add to our enjoyment i propose. Humour being a saving grace:as well as not taking things, or rather a TV Drama, so damn seriously…

    i felt that @Tiepolo made a very wise comment putting into words what i had been feeling when she/he wrote this:

    I’m also watching Forbrydelsen repeats and wonder if I’m more forgiving of what Killing USA is not delivering because I’m getting the emotional and dramatic satisfaction elsewhere

    Exactly! When i first wrote here about the remake i described it as a paint by numbers facsimile upon which i was slowly transposing the original. I do believe that the Original is the paint and the remake is the thin paper covered in multiple numbers:eg. fill it in which is essentially what they have done.

    Hearing that the remake Linden for ex. refused to watch the original i found annoying and illogical. Did she not realise they made her into a carbon copy of Sophie anyway? right down to her jumpers, hairdo and perplexed yet non-inscrutable expression?!

    c’mon folks, is it really that good when we find ourselves discussing the emotive qualities of a


    within a scene and what

    new in formation it communicated to the viewer!

    and discussing the intricacies of Linden standing on an elevator and the absolutely ridiculous and severely surreal vision of Belko beating up with bad bellicosity: a rock?!


    your soliloquy on the meaning of the rock within the Drama was truly hilarious!:))


    @Kissington has never been personally abusive in my opinion and does not need to retire from this Blog, he is only expressing his valid criticism. as they say in the States, lighten up a little! it’s only a about: “i beg to differ” or perhaps “let’s agree to disagree”?

    how about we all join hands, have a coca cola moment and sing..

    “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”..

    speaking of music:


    thanks for the info about the song. That would explain the insanely good piano playing!:)


    guess this is at least a thousand word, you know me so well!

    t’was kind of me i felt, not to correct you on your “Keats and his fields of lavender” last week, since he never wrote about lavender fields..:)

  • clarissima