transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 10:06PM


    nice one about the note, cheers for that.

    good point about the similarities, it has enlightened me as to why it’s so hard to speculate on this one without mistakenly referring to and hence giving a spoiler from the other one at a point a little further ahead in time..

    @James Donaghy &@All:

    re: my comment about Michelle not being a Saint’s name:

    silly me, of course, it’s just a derivation of Michael and that is a Saint’s name. Could Mitch’s parents have been expecting a boy and already had the name picked out? I knew someone named Georgina on that basis..

  • clarissima

transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 7:07PM


    hey, thanks for that, here was i thinking that the black screen was some arty film technique! most amusing;)nb. blimey, is that how many adverts they have? there is more than enough in what we see, dontcha think..


    aha, thanks for that, yes i agree it does seem odd the time frame and why would Rosie go there knowing he wasn’t at home i agree. Also, Amber told the Police Bennet called her at “10pm on his cellphone” so where was she at that time? we had assumed at home, now this in unclear..

    given that nobody (we presume) has landlines anymore-Amber could have still been in her car taking that call and let Bennet think she was at home? Oh the conundrums..

    regarding your second paragraph i’m not sure i should answer since i’m trying not to do spoilers about the original as i’m sure i read here somewhere our host @James Donaghy asked that we not do and getting myself into a right twist eg. the more i think about trying not to do it i seem to do it!

    nb.sorry about that@

    Holloway Magic!

    @James Donaghy:

    You’re welcome- thought”merely miserably” was brill:)

    Yes, the accent did sound Scandinavian but i stand corrected by @Devongirl. We already know that the racial references are um a bit rough around the edges. Guess it was a faux Polish accent then? i’ve never heard one like that!

    Is a good point, Michelle is a bit of a volte farce from Mitch. Also a decidedly non-Catholic name for a devout Catholic family since all children have to have Saints’ names and haven’t heard of a Saint Michelle?! Yes, Mitch/Michelle was looking a bit tough at the end..


    Yes, sorry about the spoiler, the more i try not to, the worse it gets…see above my comment to Haveadrinkonme..

    & @All

    Given that the man who was the witness said things like

    i track gamma rads, radiowaves, U.V. transmissions

    Up to that point he could have been a physicist, however he then described :

    “another smallish tiny person, kind of like you”

    to Linden who asked:

    “A woman?”

    and he replied, in enlightenment:


    ! i think it was a fair chance he was perhaps a bit away with the fairies so to speak..;)

    I agree completely with you about the sexist nature of the criticisms of Linden: they certainly would never be addressed to a man in her job! I don’t understand how Linden could “nearly lose custody” of Jack for working long hours as long as she had childcare:in the form of Regi?

    I too enjoyed Linden teaching Jack to get his comeuppance on “Evan” who is obviously bullying him.:nb. mental note to watch out for Evan”..

    Yes,it does seem as if Theresa is the black sheep of the family for some reason, note that both mum and Mitch were talking about her in the third person when she was there! never a good sign..We have yet to find out Theresa’s job, it is obviously disapproved of by the parents. I too completely missed the piece of paper handover@ the Mosque, must have been a proper spy type manoeuvre..


    Funnily enough,i found this the most engaging episode so far:especially for Linden’s character i thought she finally showed some real welly when she marched into the Boss’s office and just demanded:

    the warrant, why did you kill it?

    Yey-go Linden!..Plus she cut Holder’s wind-ups (“girlfriend”etc..taking the P out of her relationship with her fiance’) stone dead in the car, can’t remember the exact words, but about time..

    @ All:

    Holder, BTW, starting to show his true colours i feel…First time i have noticed that he is a really big guy. so should put him back on my list of suspects that need to be a)big and/or b)strong

transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 1:53PM

    @LibDemNeverAgain: &@All:

    i too felt that last scen was impressive and pleasantly full of dramatic tension. When it hasn’t been full of anything much yet:except the rain really and some good fim techniques such as somebody here mentioned:the scene where the coffin with Rosie in it whirrs upwards into the white light. Metaphors abound:white light, heaven etc.

    However that forumer mentioned it was like in Six Feet Under and you do get the feeling none of these beautiful shots are that original in nature. Like the re-make. It does like to cut down to half screen and right into the next scene. Dunno what that’s called? I swear a few times they have left the screen black briefly?!

    To get to my point i felt that last scene was very reminiscent of the scene in the lock-up in the original and an outright steal really.

    The atmosphere was a little ruined for me by thinking prosaically that anything they found would be ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ or whatever they call it since they had entered without a warrant:whatever Holder said.

    Some questions that occurred to me:

    *Why does Mitch have a white plaster on her left(i think) thumb?

    *Is Belko’s ‘friend’ @ the school out of date with his/her info or is Belko deliberately misinforming Stan and now Mitch? Since i don’t think the Police thought or said Bennet took Rosie “down the basement” as Belko claimed?

    *we now know that Holder’s taunts to Amber were spot on:she was indeed worried about “young girls, with miniskirts” etc.and enough to go “sit outside the school in my car” during the party:but without going to see Bennet or offering him a lift? Presumably Amber didn’t want Bennet to know she was there, spying on him?

    *this means that Rosie may have seen her and hence known it was ok to go to Bennets to take back the Qur’an?

    *But wasn’t Bennet supervising the party& wouldn’t Rosie have known this? So when did Bennet leave the party? all we know is he called Amber “on his cell phone at 10pm” Could this mean Rosie & Bennet left together or coordinated a meet?.

    *Could mysterious Mohammed have killed Rosie? seems a bit unlikely. Seems like Rosie was the “tiny person” helping with the rolled up blanket then?..

    *We find out that Mitch and Terry went to Catholic school. This must be important to be mentioned:but why? to tell us that they are Catholic?

    *Which leads me onto the really daft or just naive idea of Bennet to lend Rosie a Qur’an:yes, we know he was trying to encourage her learning:but whether it was a Bible or a Qur’an:any parent would take this surely as a sign of a religious person trying to convert someone?!

    & considering the general touchiness of Americans towards this subject he really didn’t think this through did he?:also making the Holy Book’s return for Rosie a necessary undercover mission..

    Bennet showed poor judgement& lack of kindness for his wife i felt to invite a stranger to her into their house when she is heavily pregnant. Plus someone whom he knew was a devout Muslim and would likely disapprove of Amber’s clothes and uncovered hair. This is why Amber unhappily describes Mohammed as “not looking at me or speaking to me”..

    *We learn that Jamie hates Gwen’s guts and seems to be aware of her relationship with Richmond eg.”thought you were joined at the hip”&”Talking dirty now?”! The feeling seems mutual..

Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 1:16AM


    You’re welcome:) wish i knew how to say it in Danish!

    i think he actually said ok instead of all right but the rest is correct. Since the original Killing and then Spiral i have left the subtitles option on for such things. I really enjoy it, especially the subtitled descriptions of sound, plus you can catch better what some soft spoken actors are saying or rather mumbling or huskily voicing like Richmond. Someone get that man a lozenge..or two;)

    Although what with his voice, which has grown on me, his rather sweet pudding face and his right-on politics i fear i am fatally ensnared now into finding him forever sympathetic…..

Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 12:23AM

    @James Donaghy:

    i’m wondering if

    merely miserably

    has a touch of The Smiths about it as in

    heaven knows i’m miserable now..


    hey thanks for that, yes, enviably precise;) (Oh precis, precis, why do i not see thee before me?!) Blimey, is everyone in The Killing remake bar Richmond it seems (who i swear i heard pronounce Ahmed correctly!) err racially challenged shall we call it?!


    I was mentally castigating Linden for not covering her head inside the Mosque still they did take their shoes off. I was hoping they might stay “for evening prayers” that would have been interesting and i felt they might have gained real ‘intel’ if they had shown willing so to speak. Just an idea.


    Yes, it did get really rather good, didn’t it?, i barely noticed Linden’s lipstick, ok once, in the car. I’m afraid that newly smoking (literally with rage as well as fags) Lady Macbeth maybe gearing up into some fighting talk, if you remember what happened in he original..(trying not to do spoilers)

    I also found the scene with the boys wrong somehow-i think you have a point there. Still the line:

    and no more heaven stuff all right?

    i found refreshingly real sounding

    very funny your transcript of the Mum’s speech! Also good i agree was the insight into right-wing radio jocks a’la Beck. What hope for their racial/religious awareness if that’s all they hear huh?


    Richmond came out of it rather well i thought:i am a fan:)

    Holder is getting rather fed up with Linden veering into nasty now isn’t he?! He seemed suddenly large as a tree when he loomed over Linden in that scene and freaked me out a bit. Gone was his tiresome street talk and i found myself thinking:is this the real Holder?!

    nb. can anyone in America really get away with calling people “Chief”? wouldn’t it be politically incorrect and way out of date since like the 70’s or suchlike?!

    although often i do secretly enjoy his ridiculous lingo eg:

    to Belko:

    if you do know and you don’t tell me homey, your puffy white ass is going away for a long time!

    tho he rather let me down with this to Mitch:

    Oh dear, “interaction”? you forgot the street speak there!…

  • clarissima

    12 August 2011 12:29AM

    bit missing:

    Holder to Mitch:

    What kind of interaction did your husband have with Ahmed?

    nb. I agree with James Donaghy that i don’t see Linden in California somehow. However for a brief moment when i saw her photo on this frontispiece i thought, that must be Linden in California, her hair is all blond! Could have sworn Linden had red hair. This just shows how damn dark it is in the show…

Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 11 August 2011 11:00PM
    @James Donaghy: &@ All:
    Really enjoyed your write up as usual! Specially liked;
    it’s merely miserably overcast
    study buddy
    this is not his beautiful house this is not his beautiful wife
    Lovely touch of The Talking Heads!.
    Three cheers to you for spelling the Qur’an and Mohammed right. Even Broadsheets i have seen don’t get that right. The subtitles (to which i am addicted to now after The Killing and Spiral) spelt Mohammed wrong:as in Muhammed. It’s rather an important distinction!
    nb. It didn’t seem to occur to Linden & Holder that there would be quite a few Mohammeds, did it? The Iman said a number i didn’t quite catch. Also interesting that the missing girl is called Aisha, also a very famous Muslim name.
    Also, the Qur’an that Bennet lent Rosie appeared to be in Arabic, as it is in it’s original form. A little difficult for her to read?! The “salaam alaykum” was a nice touch and they spelt that right, shame they didn’t get the rest better researched.
    Mitch has taken up smoking and gone all Lady Macbeth hasn’t she? What was with her parent’s accents?! Are they Swedish? or from Minnesota perhaps i believe there is Scandinavian links there. Oh Dear their comments about “mixing in schools”..
    I am secretly expecting& hoping (although it’s bad i know) Linden to start smoking again any time soon..
    Cue the F.B.I, and hence a supposed terrorist plot i am presuming..Note that the meat packing factory may be linked to the supply of the meat first seen hanging by the haunches in the Muslim shop in the beginning that Stan and Belko go to for “a delivery”? However this may all well be a big red herring..

New!:Transcript of my comments on Phelim O’ Neill’s Guardian Blog of Falling Skies channel FX Tuesday 9pm

  • 11 August 2011 8:58PM

    @DrTheEvidence: & @ All

    good point about the forest, hadn’t realised with the Hansel and Gretel feel that the dark and enchanted forest was in there was never a good place to go in fairy tales, was it?! or rather the Tales of The Brothers Grimm more like, the original and very dark ones..

    nb. when i looked at the photo of the Blog by Phelim O’ Neill, apropo of nothing it occurred to me that there are no Asian people in it are there?, did they not make it? it seems it is only Americans who would have been around in the 1700’s eg. their seemingly favourite time period:The American Civil War..


    Yes, it is kind of fun, however i as explained originally am resistant to all the top heavy messages laden themes. I was a bit disappointed with the skitter as i thought they liked children, so why go all out to kill young Parker? for me to like the skitters best is a bit indicative of the characters, isn’t it?! i thought the caged skitter would somehow save him but there you go..


    “Ailing pies”! very funny;) not sure if you can claim racism on the basis of a pun on mex though…:)

Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm

11 August 2011 8:40PM


yes, too long, do not read (T.L.D.N.R.)! never could precis and like to write so dangling 5000 characters in front of me is a recipe for tomeish trouble;)

Dunno if succinctly describes it tho!, if i had more time would draft and edit it and in retrospect would be less repetitions of same points. Instead of putting it down in one fell swoop so to speak. Hey two more worrying Regi moments;

declaring that she was “with the two people i love best in the world”!

even allowing for the American propensity towards Hallmark moments this is a bit heavy. eg. if a parent or friend said it you would start to worry they were going to announce they only had so long to live?! or this may be a cultural difference..


Regi standing over the sleeping forms of Linden and Jack..

ditto:if you woke up and found your friend and/or parent doing that?!

wouldn’t it be um more normal to briefly glance, smile and leave the sleeping figures alone, tiptoeing away or more practically, get them a blanket and gently cover them? instead of seemingly gazing for a bit too long?..the camera pans over Linden’s sleeping form:is this meant to represent Regi’s eyes? i think so..

ok i’m off even though i have a whole 3730 characters left, oh woe is me!..;)

Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm

  • 11 August 2011 3:26PM


    surely the question is would Linden have become friends with Regi if she did not meet her professionally? the answer is no

    similarly:would Linden be able to break off the friendship now if she wanted to?

    i think not

    and would Linden be able to get away from Regi? hmm well she appears to be trying to, to California..

    surely the first two point are why such relationships are a breach of trust no matter whether the professional person is retired. Linden did not chose this friendship and she was under age.

    Linden seems like she had/has no other family. So she only had Regi-so she trusts her and relies on her from a vulnerable and innocent age. Regi, somehow, has become Linden’s world. That is wrong. If Regi was a good social worker she should have broken off this relationship, kindly but firmly..once Linden was an adult.

    Encouraged her to make other arrangements and set her on her way, Linden may have met more/ other people like that. Regi is caring for a young boy and has no qualifications for childcare.

    Sure, you would let your Grandma or Mum do this, but she is neither. And it is 24/7 with Linden’s hours, through the night and presumably school holidays too. No child minder would ever do that. Linden is hooked all right-on Regi. It puts both Regi and Linden in a bad position should anything go wrong with Jack whilst in Regi’s care. Unless Linden has signed her in officially as in locus parentis.

    and yes, it is patronising and judgemental to tell Linden “you have that i can live alone look, it loses you friendships, makes you elusive” blah blah blah, she is still social workering her and would she say this to a man? of course not it is sexist.

    Why is Linden not a good mother? because she is trying to work? does anyone think of saying that to a long hours working man Detective? (or criticise him for looking ‘independent?!) i think not-sexist again

    Regi also dreadfully threatened Linden with “you don’t want to lose Jack again” and how it might mess Jack up “this transient life”. All this while Linden is trying to work. Note that Regi comes right into Linden’s work, a red flag to me, did even the Fiance’ do this? i think he stayed outside the door. This is aggressive proprietorial behaviour from Regi.

    Then Regi sits down to belittle and demean and threaten her with stuff that happened in the past. So this happened in the past, it is obviously bad. Why keep nastily threatening Linden with it many years later? A dreadful thing to say to a single parent. How could Linden lose Jack again? isn’t wonderful Regi looking after him?on the strength of Linden’s long hours or him smoking?!

    Regi does her down personally, (right down to her “look”) implies she will negatively affect her son by her way of life, then re-inforces her authority in these matters:

    “I know”!..

    This is classic control/manipulation technique and Linden accepts it obediently. These are not mere “platitudes”. Linden accepts this because she sees Regi as a Mother figure. She has been ‘trained’ to-by Regi. This is not the positive encouraging talk of a friend:it is threatening highly demeaning talk-Regi saying it is bad that Linden looks independent!

    Was Linden aware that Regi was becoming a mother figure to her, hence dependent emotionally upon her?


    Was Regi, with her training as a Social Worker aware that she was becoming a Mother figure and that Linden was now dependent on her?


    Should Regi:kindly and firmly, once

    a)She was no longer Linden’s Social Worker

    b)Once Linden was an adult

    ended their Co-dependent relationship?

    Yes, because it was a breach of trust. Whether she was still her social worker or not. Since the relationship began when she had a duty of care to her as a professional and Linden was under age.

    Should Regi have completed her job as a social worker by releasing Linden from this relationship?


    Regi leads an isolated life on a boat. By maintaining an inappropriate and too familiar relationship with Linden she has isolated her and Jack. Regi could have met up with Linden for Birthdays and Christmas etc!

    This surely is the total antithesis of her job as a Social Worker-social being the operative word.

    nb. This breach of trust echoes that of Bennet & Rosie, Bennet & Amber. Rosie and Amber were under age when he began inappropriate relationships with them. Whether Bennet slept with them then we do not know. I tend to think not with Rosie. Amber made such a point of the age issue i do wonder?

    The point is, sex aside, falling in love is an extremely painful business for young girls.

    This risk is not what parents of children want from Professionals in positions of trust and is why duty of care ethics exist. To breach it is an abuse of their power and position and is tantamount to child abuse. As a Social worker/teacher should know..

    nb. If Regi was a man, and i think she might be gay, would you still see it as so benign?