Quick Saturday note 23rd July 2011 worries that Wallander might be finished…

Hey, hurray! there is another episode of Wallander tonight, i was thinking it was over however it isn’t. Was sure last week was number 10 and almost didn’t dare look today..but yes, another journey to Sweden and the land of the sea and Wallander awaits us..must be off

nb. not a lot good on at the mo although the remake of The Killing is winning me over. Chicago Code is coming to it’s final episode next week and is really rather good if you discount the intermittent swamp of cheese through which Jennifer Beales walks waist deep. Alderman Gibbons gleefully stealing every scene that he is in. The true anti-hero that you can’t help liking even though you know he has ordered several deaths…

The Kennedys finished which i felt was truly stunning, engaging, believable and wonderful. All hail all the actors and actresses in it. Boo the snobs who made fun of it and discounted Jackie’s dresses as “ugly” and the scene settings rubbish.

No real fun trash TV at the mo except Britain & Ireland’s next top Model which is a bit tiresome and not as car crash awfully enjoyable as America’s Next Top Model. Dirty Sexy or is it Pretty Things on E4 has some enjoyable human interest.

Falling Skies i have to write a bit a bout yet. Oh dear. however very well done since it is Stephen Spielberg.

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