Quick Saturday musings on Wallander:30th JUly 2011

Yes, there is a God or Gods, it seems, as Wallander is still on and tonight is Episode 11! my cup is full and may runneth over, can it top last week’s feast for the eyes and blaze of technicolour brights and yellows, set in sizzling searing sun whilst our Swedish fellows scorched in an unusual Swedish heatwave? a rather long sentence you’ll agree, we shall see..

Wallander never fails to enthral , surprise and near amaze me. Will Wallander and Katrina’s budding love story that i am starting to doubt grow or wither on the vine?
Will Wallander wear his ultra-cool sunglasses or even his baggy jeans again? we can only hope..whatever he wears he will carry off with his customary panache no doubt, whilst solving the most intricate and unusual crimes of passion, love, loss and longing in fair Sweden..must be away or i will be late yet again..

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