New:The Remake of The Killing tonight:Friday 8th July 2011 Channel 4@9pm:Quick Pre thoughts before viewing

I am going to find it hard i know, to watch a remake of The Killing as will any aficionado of that original masterpiece:the Danish Forbrydelsen (The Crime). Ok Forbrydelsen had more red herrings in it than a sea of red herrings. However it was a deep intensely emotional and thankfully quiet drama. I say quiet as in apart from the spoken conversation and the deeply addictive theme tune there was nothing.

Yes, noise that happened naturally and that was it. No God awful Indie whining singing backed by stringy guitar music. No atmospheric urgently playing violins or the modern update: Cellos. Thank the Lord!

I am already worrying about offending any Americans by saying what i want to. Which is this: the whole wonderfulness of the original The Killing:Forbrydelsen resided in it’s mostly total and utter lack of cliche.

In Forbrydelsen there were no glossy tresses and impossibly smooth faced beautiful people. Real people who had moles on their face, wonky noses, boss eyes and actually looked different from each other. That ate out of pans with a fork and just yanked their long hair up with a band in a few seconds, wore the same jeans again and old trusty Wellie boots and warm jumper to work.

Yes,the inimitable Sarah Lund. Tough, cool, uncompromising, who walked like a man and talked like one. Who gave short, sharp terse orders and expected them to be obeyed. No matter what.

Sarah Lund never indulged in psycho-babble. Surely the curse of modern TV dialogue. Please, new Remake, no psycho-babble!…


My sources tell me that there is uproar in the US since apparently they do not say who dunnit at the end:can this be true?

Further note: ok i’m gonna come right out and say it, even though it’s not diplomatic, (just this once i have to get it off my chest) what is it with you guys and subtitles and Foreign language films? You are missing out on so much-they are fabulous! Obviously not all and sundry, however Forbrydelsen: The Killing in Danish was a wonder to the ears, and a delight to behold.

We grew to love the sound of Danish. I went around practising my “Tak” and “hey” (it sounds better when they say it). People writing into The Killing blog forums started using Danish words such as these in their writing!

After a while the language morphs into the subtitles and you barely realise it is subtitled at all. I did have a theory at the time that the huge acclaim and love of The Killing was not just due to it being brilliant. I wondered if it called to Britain’s ancient genetic shared ancestry with the Scandinavians. many of the words being similar to those in Scotland and the Northern parts and Islands.

There was detailed and in depth discussion of Sarah Lund’s famous Fair Isle jumpers. People started knitting them! People planned holidays to Denmark. Danish people wrote into Forbrydelsen:The Killing Blogs and shared common words and their meanings, explained how expensive the jumpers were and how Danish people wore them to work along with jeans. It was huge! What can i tell you…

I do hear that the new Sarah, Linden, in the remake wears a version of said famous jumpers. Why? is there a link with Scandinavia in Chicago? Or is it just a nod to the original Forbrydelsen. ok i’m done with being undiplomatic, i will try and never speak of these matters again….

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