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nb. sorry for any confusion caused by the unaccountable disappearance of this write up-it confused me too..

In which Sarah Linden walks around with an expression! Ok i’m officially feeling a bit mean about the re-make of The Killing or rather my write-up. It’s growing on me. Ok it’s grown. Perhaps it’s Sarah Linden’s advanced degree in brow furrowing that swayed me. (Careful Sarah, or you will develop a permanent furrow there, just like i have from too much thinking!)

Maybe it’s just that Linden has started to look so much like my heroine Sarah Lund right down to the exact same hair style and matching twin tendrils of hair.

Linden gazes a lot. She is wont to touching things with the palm of her hand, for ages, like she was in Star Trek and a door might open somewhere. Ok, it’s not fully intense, obsessive and singular Sarah Lund but it’s a paint by numbers facsimile of Lund.

However i still find Linden curiously unlikeable. Maybe i should face up to my own prejudice in favour of Sarah Lund. Did i like Sarah Lund? You bet. By the end, nay early on to halfway through the original The Killing Sarah Lund was already my favourite female film character ever.

Ok excepting the actresses Catherine Deneuve and Gina Rowlands. Time has only improved them in beauty, presence and strength.

Sarah Lund was a modern female role model. The actress who played her told how she used Clint Eastwood as her inspiration for her character Sarah and how she taught herself to “walk like i had balls”. Before Wallander there was Clint. He was the man. Sarah Lund was the woman who walked like a man.

a major digression into sexist tropes in Detective/Murder Dramas:
There is along list of sexist tropes to which we are so accustomed we barely notice them i propose. I am at saturation point from seeing women Detectives:
*the obligatory shower scene (where she is supposedly thinking)
*ditto the bath scene
*Tottering about doing important house raids in stilettos and pencil skirts
*Being unaccountably seconded to Vice for the night and hence forced to dress like a Lady Of The Night whilst going undercover for the night in order to lure out a murdering rapist(see below)

*Having ongoing affairs with a colleague or boss
leading to soft focus shagging scenes where the next morning the woman is left alone in bed when the man Detective goes off to do important work

nb. new note: amusing to note on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on the remake of The Killing Episode 5 the still photograph from the episode shows Gwen cross legged in bed with just a t-shirt-looking up at Richmond getting ready for work!

Also trope number 2, Gwen has her work in bed eg. papers spread out in front of her-this is more old fashioned a trope, now seen less in dramas where often so called high powered women unaccountably work in bed with papers and their laptop spread around-(men never work in bed)

*once in a blue moon the woman Detective gets to subvert the genre and leave first and brush off the lovelorn man telling him “it meant nothing”
We geddit, they are empowered, however why do actresses have to be shown shagging anyway?

*Having to come in on their night off in a cocktail dress because they “were on a date”
ditto having to go on some undercover mission dressed likewise in a cocktail dress

*Getting a gun nuzzle stuck in their mouth or rubbed around their face, gee, what could that be about?

*getting captured, tied up or hung from some high point in a dungeon somewhere

Admittedly this happens as de rigeur practically to all women murder victims but sometimes to an errant unfortunate woman Detective. Even Sarah Lund was tied up albeit briefly since she got away, miraculously, since being a woman Detective necessitates a miraculous escape..

*the money shot where the woman gets splattered in the face with blood
or, an odder version of this money shot is the woman with her face upturned to the rain, why?
do women generally turn up their face to the rain with expressions of ecstatic bliss? i hadn’t noticed that myself much..

*Having to go undercover and be used as bait for a rapist or mad murderer whilst wired up.
and so on and so on…like Ariston

These superficial sexist tropes are so firmly embedded within Murder and Detective Dramas together with the requisite supermodel looks, height, size and superlative make up techniques of the women Detectives.

Which is why we all lapped up the vision of Sarah Lund like we were Lawrence Of Arabia just out of the desert and dying for a drink. Since these sexist tropes, thankfully, never happened.

nb. i note that they have already had Mitch from The Killing remake into a bath. Then a child. Call me cruel and heartless but was it really likely that Mitch would try to drown herself in the bath? ditto her fear over her son, was it really likely she would freak out, seeing as she could see he was perfectly safe?

I guess it was the water dripping, magnified over the edge that did it. Yet The Killing isn’t intense and deep enough in mood and atmosphere yet to carry this sort of scene off for me.

Perhaps if they would stop playing the mood music and let it be silent in order for some real atmosphere to build on it’s own. A process which also suffers from the constant interruption of the Ads. I have found it gains in a feeling of depth when watched on demand without the Ads.

However i discovered that you cannot have subtitles with on demand. I find the subtitles useful for mumbling actors eg. Richmond’s whisperings. Plus i have a predilection for subtitled descriptions of sounds. All this is lost when watched on demand.

I note that the remake The Killing has added to the line said to Theiss, now Stan, by the Arab restaurant owner:
“You don’t acknowledge me on the street”
to which Stan replies:
“That was all a long time ago, I’m different now”.

Putting a better spin on it than i previously assumed. Here Stan is implying that they were into some maybe bad stuff back in the day. This never happened in the original, the line was left open, hanging there so to speak.

However new note:from reading Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on the remake and the comments there i am reminded that the restaurant owner is now Eastern European and called Janek.

Regarding Bennet the Somalian teacher who is not really Somalian: is Holder deliberately mispronouncing Bennet’s surname Ahmed in order to wind him up or does he not know how to pronounce it?

Much as i am quite enjoying the remake of The Killing i’m not sure now if it is worth investing time and effort in writing about since word is we do not find out who dunnit at the end of this series! Yes, it is left dangling and apparently we have to wait for the next season, next year..
sacre bleau

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