Only the other day i was saying out loud to nobody in particular, “Amy, this should have been your song!” about Adele’s new song Set Fire To The Rain. A good song but it could have been sung by Amy Winehouse even better. Then, with everything in the last few days, we hear that Amy Winehouse has died.

I don’t often swear but what a God damned waste. As anybody can tell from this site i love Soul music and Amy was the best soul voice man or woman i reckon in decades. There aren’t really any videos on you tube that do her justice which is why there hasn’t been one up here, until now, and that is her quietest, calmest and most relaxed one. Not great quality but in happier days…
nb. when i say quiet i mean there is no band distracting from her fabulous voice.

off to see Wallander, late now, wait up, Wallander!…

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