30th July 2011:New!:The Leak:Wallander aired 9th July 2011 BBC4 Saturday nights

The budding love story:

Wallander is putting on his gorgeous uniform and is putting off Katrina from coming to his do!


“I’m not doing anything today, will there be champagne?”


“These do’s are murderous”!

Katrina ends up coming anyway (since she has invited herself) good. Kurt and Katrina end up appearing as a couple and using the infamous “we” word! They get mistaken for a couple! Husband and wife.

a theme throughout this episode:

Isabelle to Pontus:

“Stop being such a God damned pussy”!

Main Plot:

Mysterious man in the flower market with a mobile. Then it goes all terrorist! Cars are blown up in the market square. A guy (the same one?) gets out of his car and then onto a Vespa and then gets blown up?!

Meanwhile elsewhere:

Pontus and Isabelle spot a raid on a security van and are told to wait for back up. They have “to wait and watch”. Then Isabelle goes:

“Don’t be such a bloody pussy”!

Agent Isabelle (my name for cool Isabelle)

Isabelle follows the baddie’s car. Real fast. (real fast) “Easy!” says Pontus

Then Isabelle and Pontus get shot at!

(urgent drumming in the background)

Pontus (rarely for the Swedish Police) shoots back.




“reverse!, reverse!”

They get reversed into by the baddie’s car. Air bags deploy.(hilarious)

Pontus cleverly hides under the car:

The baddies find him and start punching him. Isabelle is still in the car with blood trickling down her face. (this is not good)

And elsewhere:

Svartman at the scene of the murder of the man in the forest at the beginning of the episode. (he has left his family parked a bit down the road)

“Hello?, hello?”

Nyberg appears at another scene:

He attends to two seriously tied up girls.


“I’d like you to sit completely still. It’s all right my friends, it’s all right..”

He uses a drill, why?, were they wired up to a bomb?

Meanwhile Isabelle wakes up in the car and phones Kurt:

“Pontus is missing!”

Kurt stresses out over the kids:

Kurt and Nyberg speed to the scene together whilst Kurt swears vehemently and angrily demands Nyberg to “drive faster!”. This is one of several times in the series that we see Kurt stressing out over the rookies Pontus and Isabelle.

Kurt and Nyberg arrive at the scene of smashed in car with Isabelle in the front seat and Pontus having disappeared.

Isabelle says “camera, camera!” in the car.


“Shit! is that the last picture?”




“Yes, Tak, bloody idiots!”

Kurt keeps calling Pontus’s mobile. says to Nyberg:

“Ring it again!”

(faint vibrating)

Kurt finds Pontus’s mobile under the car.

nb. Kurt and Nyberg are funny together. Nyberg is a good straight man to Kurt being funny. Plus they are like the cool crime fighting duo.

Kurt and Nyberg find and rescue Pontus(missed this bit)

Pontus wakes up in a hospital ward with Isabelle in the next bed:






“You bloody pussy!”

Kurt comes and yells at Isabelle and Pontus in Hospital, goes out, then returns and says:

“What i meant to say was I’m glad you’re ok!” (more quietly-Ah. He is their Pa now)

Later, back at the Police station Katrina, Kurt and Pontus & Isabelle meet as a team:

Or rather Katrina tries to, since after Katrina has led the meeting, Kurt takes over and Katrina looks slightly miffed. This is one of several times that Katrina tries to lead the team or at least become part of it with her own ideas however each time Kurt rebuffs her and takes control back.

So far the nearest Katrina can get to being one of Kurt’s team is to get herself inside the other side of the mirror whilst watching a suspect be interviewed and tell Wallander her thoughts. At one point, not sure which episode, Kurt and Katrina actually clash when Wallander brusquely tells her “You do not get to tell me how i run my investigation”!

This is the dance of Katrina and Wallander, each time Katrina tries to get closer to the team or turns up unexpectedly in his garden by the sea as she does one night (with her hair still wet and a towel around her shoulders) Wallander who is thinking on his case, rebuffs her moodily when she does not agree with him..

“I should not have come here, Katrina says, this was a mistake”. This isn’t looking good for my hopes of the budding love story of Kurt and Katrina..maybe i was wrong and it’s neither budding nor a love story?

Anyway i digress, you see i care more about these personal interplays than the actual plots. I would so like to see Wallander truly happy but maybe it’s not love he needs, just Jussi, his job and his house by the sea..

Kurt and Martinson get a tape from the Security offices:

“Yo, Tak” (this is just because i love hearing Yo and Tak)

Korin the Pathologist:

“so he was a fit man around 55, that’s all i can say, this was in his pocket. Bye”

(she fancies Kurt)

The plot kind of ran away from me but involves a security firm, online poker and real life poker and a pudding faced man in love with Mette:

“Mette!, Mette!”

and a funny yellow ambulance. Oh and a little dog called Molly. Funnily there is often another dog in Wallander. In a later episode there is a pug dog sitting importantly on a chair who belongs to another policeman. I think it is a kind of Wallander joke.

Gunshots are fired but as usual, Wallander fires his gun up into the air, that is how he rolls with guns. I like that.

There are several bouts of urgent cello music playing which later combines with an equally urgent drum track. There is a “shit!” and a “bugger!” from Wallander (very British).

Best of all there is the rare occurrence of Kurt putting his cool sunglasses on!

Small sartorial note regarding Martinson. Who i have previously called Beardy man. Martinson just rocks the cardigan and checked shirt look. I do believe his shirts are flannel which equals Swedish Chic.

Kurt smokes at the end which is his wont when truly relaxed or seriously stressing out. Now he is walking on the beach with Katrina and Jussi and little dog Molly (who he is looking after for a while)..


“He (ex-Policeman living the high life) almost made me feel like i had made the wrong choice! (to be a Policeman)

“come here!”

(dog whines)

To some question by Katrina he replies “not a dicky bird”! (British again)

(dog barks)


“So that’s the end of the dream? Not everyone is cut out for that..”

cue song:

I wake up with you again tomorrow, i say it’s worth it..

this is the last time they play Quiet Night at the end.

Further sartorial matters: Important notes on Wallander in His Police Uniform

Isn’t Wallander more than rather fetching when he puts his Police Uniform on? Yes he is ladies and gentlemen. He has the look lately, more emphasised by his lovely uniform jacket, of a swarthy seafaring man. Years of sea voyages behind him, face swept clean and rugged by the sea breeze.

You could imagine Wallander at the ship’s wheel, expertly whipping it to starboard and port. Eyes squinting up at the sails, shouting “hoist the main sail!” Or even the important Captain of a Navy ship. Perhaps the Swedish Police uniform has echoes of the Navy too. Sweden being a seafaring nation. Or Wallander could be a submarine Captain, in which case he would have a white polo-neck jumper too and be ordering “Up periscope!”

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