Luther:final two Episodes:Part Two Final Part

Luther declares:
“Twins, it’s a shared psychosis!”

Jennifer to Luther:
“you’re so nice you should be married”.(Ah)

Luther is still trying to get the locked up silent evil twin to talk:
Luther tell the twin he is like the:
“Hikikorini, the Japanese have a word for it, people who withdraw from the world”.
(Luther knows everything)

nb. Nicholas Millberry is one of the names of the twins.
(funny or what or maybe it’s just me)

Fairly evil mother Caroline betrays her daughter Jennifer on the phone to the very bad man Frank:
Caroline to Jennifer:
“That was Esther, she used to live down the road from us on Cavalry Hill”
(bit Biblical or what?)
Caroline uses her daughter’s real name, Geneveive. Jenny sensibly takes this seemingly harmles comment as her signal to get the hell out of there..
(i would have too, Cavalry Hill was enough, never mind Esther)

later Erin the rookie Detective says:
“In mysterious ways, his wonders to perform”..(more religious allusions)

Luther looking at mysterious messages on a fake website set up by the twins:
( he has cracked the code after finding an enormous blue Gideon’s Bible in the twins’ room at home. They still have bunk-beds.)
“What does that say?”

Erin the rookie Detective gets pulled in by the seriously scary police Lady Boss:
“Erin, there was no access to Shencke’s computer. Get out of my sight!. Go for a walk”…

Erin looks at Luther and Ripley and says;
“The creatures outside looked from pig to man and man to pig”!
(Animal Farm at a guess)

Ripley confides to Luther:
“I did it, i hacked into the database, cleared the records on Shenke’s computer”..
(loyal Ripley is rather like a young floppy black haired Spaniel at large Luther’s heels)

More mysterious mesages from the twins’ website:
“He’s typed Seal”
“more specific”
“Grinding mobs” ..(that doesn’t sound good)

Then the twin Nicholas appears in the street:
Head of the SO19 armed response unit shouts:
“We’ve got to stand these men down, it’s too late, Nicholas has a suicide vest on!”
“That’s a dead man’s switch, if we shoot him, it goes off, a hundred foot kill radius”..

(Aerial shot-they finally showed the Gherkin)

Luther appears at the end of the road:
Detective Gray:
“What’s the plan?” (there is a plan then)
Luther walks up to the twin suicide bomber..
(like a cowboy in a shoot out or Omar in the alley with the Brother from New York in the Wire)
“I’m John, do you want to play a game?”
SO19 Detective Gray:
“He’s wired? What have you done?”

Luther seems to pour petrol over himself and throws the twin a cool old gold Zippo
lighter. (if Luther smoked that would be is lighter)

Luther to twin:
“Do i look like I’m joking?” (no)

“Joe, yu know those men need to come down from the roof”..

“You know i used to do this thing, play Russian Roulette..All actions lead to a reaction which leads to a chaotic system”..
(Luther being really clever again)
he continues:
“Leave it to fate, to God, to a roll of the dice..i understand that’s why you play the game”..

Twin responds:
“Rest of that petrol, put it on you”!

“Roll it!..put the detonator down ok, roll the dice”..
“Are you scared?” (giggles)
“No, I’m not scared, are you scared?”

Luther shouts:
“The A Vs. the L & R:Go!” (it’s the letters on the outside of the van)
kerblamm, kerblamm! (armed response get sharp shooting).
Shencke looks worried..

Luther walks out..Yey!

Elsewhere Luther goes to visit bad gang lady mother boss who is wondering where evil grandson Tony is and his bad dad Frank who has also unaccountably disappeared. (Frank was set up to be arrested in a devious plan between Luther and Jenny in which Luther conjured Tony’s dead body into Frank’s car boot/trunk)

Bad Boss Lady:
“He hated the boy but he wouldn’t kill him!”
“I’m not Frank, i never was Frank”! (we know)

Luther continues:
“I spoke to a good friend of mine last night,if anything happens to Jenny or me, she will come for you and yours. Her name’s Alice”! (it would be)

cue happy scene:
(Palaces Of Montezuma plays in the soundtrack) Luther buys Jenny a cornetto with a chocolate twist stuck in it. From a stationery non tune playing ice cream van in an unlikely street in the deepest East of the City.

song comes on:
“Come on baby, let’s get out of the cold”..
(The End)

Ok how did evil psycho Tony know where Luther lived in the first place/ In a massive Council Tower Block of over 21 floor? (Luther lived on floor 21)
Nobody can satisfactorily answer me this beyond that “they must have looked it up on records, Council tax registers” etc. I dunno, Luther doesn’t really look like he does that sort of mundane paperwork. How do we know the flat is in his name anyway?

Then, Tony’s Dad/Grand-Dad? knows exactly where Luther lives too. The flat door is open for him to waltz on through and sit down. Did Caroline have her daughter followed or follow her?

Au revoir, Luther, come back soon please, we will miss you…
nb. if i was Jenny and watching Luther scrambling eggs whilst poking his head through an old-fashioned kitchen hatch i think i would have to be sitting down too. Seeing as i would be somewhat weak at the knees..