Luther:Final Two Episodes:part one (Part Two of final two episodes is posted on 19th July 2011)

Oh, woe is me, Tuesday night will not be the same without Luther. Our lovely Londoner Luther. About ten foot tall and impeccably dressed no matter what. The cleverest Detective since Columbo and Sherlock Homes combined. Genius in fact as we have already discussed.

I read in an interview with Idris Elba, the London born actor who plays Luther, that he modelled his character on just those two detectives:Sherlock Holmes and Columbo. On consideration the format of Luther where we see the murderer commit his crime right at the beginning and then the drama unfolds into how Luther solves the crime i realise is how Columbo, the show worked too.

I also note that Idris Elba is the associate producer of Luther. Oh dear, this is usually the kiss of death to a show, an actor becoming a producer, it seemed to ruin Lie to Me when Timothy Spall became an Associate producer’. Although the soundtrack suddenly spouted tracks from The Jam.

Could Idris as an Associate Producer have saved Luther from being really rubbish? We can only wonder what was down to him. Was it his idea for the totally daft songs? Perhaps he wrote some of the snappy dialogue. The insane melted red opening and closing sequences reminiscent of old James Bond movies?

Maybe it was he who insisted on using relatively unknown for TV Murder Dramas parts of South London and the City. Well the City mainly.

There are a lot bigger, isolated, nay giant, Council housing estates than Luther’s Council Housing Estate. Still i wonder if Luther’s block was the tallest? 21 stories and counting. He lived on floor 21 so thirty or more maybe.

One of my favourite shots of all in this series of Luther was the aerial shot as if we were floating in between fully windowed office blocks, lit up at night, although empty. Each floor visible on top of the other. Also i loved the sight of the twinkling gargantuan tower blocks at night.

It certainly was a joy to see London for once warts and all, in all it’s glory, down on the ground and not just being used for a vertigo inducing aerial shot akin to Superman flying over that damn gherkin building. Which someone has decreed must always be shown in any show set in London. Whatsoever.

The last two episodes of Luther was all one story comprising a rather crazy plot…

Penultimate episode:
In which we see Luther and Jennifer in their oh so cool retro 70’s decorated council flat. In the morning, in the daylight for once, not n danger. It’s Luther’s day off he says. (sure, like Detectives get a day off) Up in the semi-heavens of London town as it is so very high.

It was never explained why Jenny bought Luther a framed photo of Bowie. I may have missed that bit, but presumably the coolest dude in town likes Bowie. Well he would. He’s Luther. Even cooking the world’s fastest ever scrambled eggs in about a minute flat Luther looks as cool as a cucumber and deeply dapper in tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved white top under a t-shirt as only Americans do.

Luther to Jennifer:
“What, did you think i slept in a tie?”
“No, powered down and shut off”!

Jennifer & Luther discuss what they like to read:
“What do you like? I like graphic novels”
“Comics? How old are you?”
“Graphic novels, how old are You? What am i, Sponge Bob?”
“Who is that?”!

Jenny puts a small plaster on Luther’s hand. The hole in his hand from having a nail hammered through it in the previous episode only needs an inch square plaster now..

I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the last two episodes are comprised of the rather well worn cliche of the ever evil twins. When are twins ever not evil in a Drama?! In this case the twins, or rather the one actor since we never see the twins together, is a silently morose and slim white blond guy. In the opening sequence of the penultimate episode we see him turn up wearing a hoodie over his head at a petrol station.

The silent twin then proceeds to beat a guy to death with a baseball bat and shoot what we find out later is hydrochloric acid out of his handy orange plastic toy gun at everybody else around. The mysterious twin then jumps on top of one of his victim’s cars and sprays graffiti onto the roof and jumps around a bit.

Luther and Ripley examine the graffiti on the top of the car and Luther genius brainstorms:

Luther (musing)
“What is the first thing that he does?”…
“Do you think it’s racial?”
“Well they do love their insignias”!
Rookie Detective Erin:
“Well better get canvassing, nazis, nutters, jugglers and the clowns..there are one or two white power psychos”..

Luther goes to see the blackmailing Grand-son (why?)
Evil Grand-son:
“There’s one more job for you”..

Luther to Ripley (i just like this bit of dialogue)
“Any joy?”
“Completely joyless”

Super Brainey Computer Whizz looks at the Graffitti:
“I think it’s the Bedlam axis”!

The Bespectacled Boss Shencke joins Luther in his genius brainstorming session about the murderer:
” Judging by his demeanour last night, he was enjoying himself immensely”!
Luther (who has spotted on the CCTV flm from the petrol station that the murderer knelt down and rolled dice before his hideous exploits):
“He’s choosing whether to murder on the roll of a dice?”
“Have you ever heard of anything like this?” (Isn’t there a book called the Diceman?)
“We don’t know where he’s going or what he’s doing so i say monitor all 999 calls and scramble armed response SO19”! ( like that really happens a lot)

Then, Luther, who needs to access some files for the evil Grand-son’s blackmailing threat against him sets off the fire alarm! (that old trick) He goes through Schenke’s files on his computer. Unfortunately Erin, new rookie Detective, spots the printer going and sees a printout slide out. Amazingly, Luther manages to hide from Erin, in Shecnke’s office whilst she looks inside..

Evil twin strikes again:
Murder goes around a smart City office dressed as a courier spraying people with his orange plastic gun full of hydrochloric acid and hacking them wth his handy claw-hammer.
(two rivulets of blood drip off a desk)

Luther arrives on the scene:
“shit we missed him by minutes!” (he has a bit of a sore throat)
Luther cleverly searches a car in which he spots a hanging pine tree air freshener slightly moving (pine tree air fresheners being i believe peculiarly British-nice touch)

Luther finds an employee in the boot (trunk) of the car:
“He’s still here, dressed as an employee!”
(very clever)

They finally capture one of the evil twins and try to interview him:
Luther stares, Ripley stares at the murderer…

Jennifer goes to meet her fairly evil mother Caroline in a Church:
“Take this money”
“I don’t want your money”
“But if i was a strange man with an erection and a video camera, then you’d take it”!
(nice, real nice)

New rookie Detective Erin tells Ripley that she saw a printout in Shencke’s office and suspects Luther:
Ripley loyally defends his beloved Luther to which Erin scoffs at Ripley’s:
“platitudes and denials, puppy dog eyes”..

Luther is still attempting to question the silent evil twin murderer:
“Two points for killing someone, baseball bat? 20 for stabbing someone? Who were you trying to call from the office?”
“You know I’ve been a Police Officer since God was a boy and I’ve never met anyone who takes their right to silence so seriously”! the council flat where Jenny is alone the extremely evil Grandson Tony arrives with a nasty knife and seriously bad intentions:
Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens next eg. spoiler alert

(Please don’t let him kill Jenny)
I have an awful feeling that Jenny is going to jump out of the window rather than get hurt by psycho Tony. He makes it very clear what he intends to do to Jenny and it’s not good at all . Plus Tony has what looks like a fishknife in his hand.

nb. How does Tony know where Luther’s flat is?

(we silently wait and hope for Luther to appear and dramatic tension ensues)
Luther is always late, is she dead? I hope she killed Tony..
Luther finally arrives at floor 21..
She did kill Tony- Yey!

Jennifer to Luther:
“I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry”! (covered in blood)

Meanwhile inside the huge hall of Liverpool Street Station another guy appears. He looks just like the guy currently locked up and silent. I thought so, it wasn’t the same guy all the time. Oh, it’s the old twins theme, the evil twins theme should i say.

the second evil twin murderer lays out his weapons on the ground:
He carefully lays them out in a formation:
Bat, claw hammer, orange plastic gun….
(throws the dice)

to be continued in last Luther Episode (it is a two-parter-part two is posted on 19th July 2011)