New:Review of AMC Channel’s The Killing 12th July 2011:1st Episode:Warning Serious Spoilers

Sorry but you can’t help compare the original and get annoyed at the lack of depth and feeling. No it’s not particularly cliched. A lot of it is scen for scen and dialogue the exact same. eg;

The chase prologue
The hiding behind the tree for the Girl
The pink bike
The bike riders on the canal path that Linden sees
The boys saying “but we wanted to fly our kites”
Linden deciding, slowly to stay, even though she is supposed to be leaving and the Cop guy said goodbye.
Linden and Cop guy initially not getting on.
Linden being annoyed at Cop guy’s smoking. (We, or i will wait to see if she starts up again like Sarah, somehow i doubt it..)

However Sarah Linden looks to be abut 12 years old. Her face unlined, smooth, so smooth as to be near fishlike. Reminding me of the fish people in that cool series Invasion that they cruelly stopped.
No lines, no wrinkles, no evoking of many sights of suffering. Nothing. She looks like should be at school herself.

I find it rather tiresome and annoying that she just stares impassively into space. Sarah seems to have mistaken Sarah Lund’s straight faced sangfroid for frozen fish face. Sarah looked like she had seen a few murders, some suffering. Sarah Linden looks like she’s composing at most, her shopping list in her head. Or at best mildly bothered at remembering the name of a tune.

Likewise her creepy and weirdly accented Cop partner. What accent is that? He looks and sounds at most like a College drop-out. He boringly seems to think he’s
cool. Very icky scene with the girls at the school. Amazingly he gets to hang out at the girls’ P.E area without getting arrested. When he put his finger on the girl’s lips i was seriously creeped out. Did He do it?!

Then there’s the horrific portrayal of the Muslim man in the shop. Who would never have worn his prayer hat like a beanie hat. It would always have been pristine white, not grubby, and flat to the head. Plus, rather saliently, well in my experience, the Muslim man would never have worn his prayer cap to work. The name prayer hat being the small clue.

Then, Oh Dear, the casual comment “It’s creepy in here” as Stan’s workmate enters the Muslim shop. “It’s a delivery” Stan says to Faisal. Of what? the haunches of meat in the freezer that Faisal shows them? Surely that’s a pick-up? What are the Longshoremen and or Stan doing as their jobs? (it really isn’t clear)

It worsens:the workmate calls Faisal “Osama”! Oo err…
i’ll think i’ll leave that one there..

Mind you in the original The Killing, the attitude of Theiss to the Arab Restaurant owner he goes to see is pretty much the same:”You know i can’t acknowledge you in the streets” What? What century/decade is this set in again?

However the original does have a Syrian guy as the School teacher. There are several references to “the Somalians” in the re-make. Instead of a Syrian Schoolteacher the teacher is now black. Is he meant to be Somalian? Because he isn’t..

So far so flat. Not the settings nor the backdrop of the lake. Although what was the giant dead seal doing there? They have seals in Chicago lakes? (how did it get there?) No, it’s Sarah Linden who is flat, flat as a pancake in terms of characterisation and just general emotionless emoting. Somehow Sarah Lund emoted, although she wasn’t given to smiling or talking much, she radiated intensity and depth. You saw her passion, obstinacy, stubbornness and sagacity.

In Sarah Linden we see nothing. I have it, she looks like a person temporarily lost, gazing spacily off into the distance, just before she decides to ask for directions.

The Cliche (groan) count or asynchronous things;

Sarah Linden is out jogging.(groan)
Finds a dead seal on the lakeside.

The copious snogging. Pleez.
Stan and Mitch under the table.
Lumpen Linden and her fiance. The proposal:
“marry me?” he says
and soppy “I do”from Sarah Linden.
(nb. Sarah’s fiance is the ex-Hallmark Channel psycho split personality Cop)

All this equals ugh, enough already, the Danish simply never snogged. (Neither do the Brits much on TV)

Sarah Linden is told by her fellow Cops that there is a body:
“A homeless man found her”..
Cue Sarah going into a dark warehouse. Oh Dear. It’s not a body it’s a sex toy doll dressed in pants(knickers) with “Sarah” attached.
“For she’s a good fellow” the cops come out of the darkness, singing, it’s a surprise party!

Later Sarah says to her fiance on the phone:
“Why don’t you fly down with us tonight, Candy Cane wants to play”! (the Doll, ha ha)

Cute picture on fridge of kid which Sarah kisses. (groan)

When Sarah’s new replacement comes she says:
“Who are you?”
Cop guy partner is a bit like Meyer from the original. Even has an unusual accent. When Cop guy hears Sarah is leaving for California:
“Nice weather, ocean beaches, hate that shit”!

nb. Sarah Linden is wearing a ton of red lipstick. (groan coz Sarah Lund never wore any)

Cop Guy Partner:
“Yeah, they tapped me out of the Academy, first year, Narco, undercover, Raqim shooting Joaqim”
Oh Dear.

Cop guy also to Sarah:
“Is that why you’re running away Linden, cause you don’t know anymore?”
(what? possible psycho babble alert)

The annoyingly bland Armani clad Politicos:
Amusing that i had already mentally tabulated that the Politicos (the Politician and his crowd) as looking like an Armani Ad. Indeed they could have morphed any minute into a high end perfume Ad quite easily. Then the mysterious Ruth (not explained) asks the Politician to:
“lose the Armani, the Longshoremen won’t go for that”!

The School kids were good however. As was the odious Spencer and his scary father. Just like in the original. (slap) Oh Dear. Think it was a bit late in the day to be slapping Spencer somehow, that ship having sailed somewhat, though regular slapping may not have helped..

Nb. The speeding up of the e-mail mystery unlike the original in which it only came right at the end.

So far the curiously unsympathetic Politician man. So unlike Troels, who we all took to our hearts so immediately. (Also enjoying his name especially when his girlfriend said it)

The so far wooden reactions of Stand & Mitch:compare unfavourably with Theiss & Pernille in the original who although realistically frozen in shock still managed to portray their agony and suffering. Just thinly below the surface.

Likewise the curious although admittedly Police like froideur and lack of sympathy from the Cops towards the parents.
nb. Would the Cops really uncover the top half of the body as they did, isn’t it usually just the face?

Also the rather odd and surely unethical casual hanging about of Linden’s young son in her office at the Police station whilst she watches videos of Rosie and talks over details of the case?

Whilst her Cop guy partner makes snotty remarks about Sarah raising her son on a vending machine’s contents? Even as sarcastic and supposedly black humour this didn’t really come off. Nor did Copy guy’s sudden lapse into his painful childhood memories of his Step Mothers being “lions” towards him or something. I am liking him more and more as the Doer. But he’s Police, so he can’t be, right?

Various bits of Dialogue:

Politician man/Candidate:
“I smoked pot in college, I inhaled Ruth”
“Are you stoned now?”

Stan & Mitch tell the boys that Rosie went to heaven:
“When is she coming back?”
“When you go there you don’t come back, dummy” (same dialogue line for line)
(moody music plays)

Cop guy /Partner to Sarah Linden:
” Good luck in San diego, tell the little man i said..”

Sarah on finding the umper in the field:
“It’s not a tweaker, it’s recently dry-cleaned, you know any tweakers drop their stuff off at dry cleaning?”

Muslim Shopkeeper guy:
“My name is not Osama, it’s Faisal”!

Stan & Mitch grappling and cuddling under the table(groan):
“I still got the touch Okichana”

(nb. they’re using the same music how dare they)

Pliticos: Politician man & Co:
“Somalis, we missed them last election”
“You can take care of that, after the single female votes”

Cop guy partner & Sarah Linden come to question the wife, Mitch:
Cop guy:
“We just wait for this prick (Stan) to call?”
“In situations like this i ask myself what would Jesus do?” (???)

Politician man to Sarah on receiving the news of the missing girl:
“Can it wait? No? then we will have to cancel, a missing child takes precedence”

nb. Rosie’s mate Sterling is a girl. Like Mitch is the mother’s name .

Teacher at school:
“Most of these girls use Halloween to play stripper”!
(unfortunate remark for a Teacher)

Cop guy to Teacher(all slimy):
“She was pretty hot, right?”
“I wouldn’t know, she was 17”.
Cop guy partner:
“You’re my ride, Linden” (he says this quite a few times in all)

Rosie’s friend Stirling meets up with the grungey kids from school:
“Sup Sterling?”
“He’s (Spencer) on the island, at the weekend manse. Parents gone to Abu Dabi, some diseased place like that”.

Sister of Mitch to Mitch:
“Why didn’t you call her, i mean all weekend?”(boy that helps)
nb. The kitchen table at the family home is not the same as the original eg. covered in collages and varnished on top, decorated by Rosie and her mum together. Shame because that was important.

Cop guy ccat the School:
“Oh My God, are you smoking pot?”
Cop guy:
“Do you wanna hit? Go to it, little it again, you didn’t inhale,..(puts his finger on her lips boy is he creepy)
Cop guy:
“So are we gonna party?, there’s no place to party?”
“I know a place, in the basement, the cage”..
(so that’s what he was doing)
Mother Mitch:
“Stan, they’re asking about birthmarks and scars”
“I’ll find her, ok?” (yes, he will)

Coops at scene near lake:
“The dogs picked up a scent, she ran a zig zag through the filed”..

“What if we play into this thing, especially if the kid’s dead”..
Cops at scene find a buried doll:
“Some teeny bopper got laid, end of story, mama!” he jokes with the doll (another doll)

Linden sees the bike riders just like in the original :
“Whre are they going fishing?”
“There’s a lake on the other side”
(it’s scene for scene pretty much)

The car is raised from the lake as Stan arrives:
“Rosie, Rosie! just let me talk to her!”
“You can’t be here!”
“No, No!”
(all the time with his mobile on to Mitch)
Mitch hears him on the phone. Boys do too.

“We ran the plates, it’s a City Councillor Richmond.

We see body with the necklace.
Mother comes (sobs)

Part Two:The Cage
The parents don’t seem that bothered. The mother watches as her daughter’s mobile tinkles in her bedroom.

Stan’s bearded workmate asks him for news of Rosie (is it him?) Stan sees painting from all the kids on his wall.(sad music plays)

“Guy Cop questions Sterling, tells her it’s not her fault. Then Jasper who is a piece of work:
“Picked up some old lady..”
“You know how to charm them?”
“Yes, ones your age”..

Cop guy to Sarah Linden whilst examining Rosie’s boots in a bag:
“Fabrizio Bianchis, they cost two G’s”
“how do you even know that?”

Politicos-the mysterious Ruth orders coffee:
“Cinnamon latte, double pump soy-make it fast!” (groan)
Politician man’s assistant:
“You are the Seattle, the real Seattle”..

Police Boss to Linden to try and persuade her to stay:
“Rosie was alive when that car went in the water, ripped off her own fingernails trying to get out”..
Linden in the Police station’s corridor about to leave..:
“All I.C.U Units to the School”..

Linden to Cop guy partner:
“What is this place?”
Cop guy:
“It’s where the real Halloween party went down”..

The mother, Mitch, is lying on her daughter’s bed. (no dinner)