Watching Now:Thursday 16th June 2011 9:14pm G.M.T:The Chicago Code: cool, cool, TV….

Oh dear, The Chicago Code has officially breached the dam separating cheesy cliche from cool. The river of uncool is now flowing freely. Jennifer Beales who i had awarded perpetual immunity from cheese blew it last night with her syrupy voice-over which included a mini-lecture with spontaneous slide show taking over the screen.

This forced mini-lecture showed successful women in the world and how they had all triumphed over adversity in Chicago. Great. Actually i was only watching this for some escapist TV…So these women are only successful since they came up through hell etc. in Chicago are they? I noticed Obama was missing but he didn’t get a mention since he wasn’t a woman presumably. Hilary Clinton was there.

I think we already ‘got’ that message Jennifer about your rise since we were watching you as a woman Superintendent of the Chicago Police force. We didn’t need it rubbed in really. Boy is it tiresome when dramas pause to teach us moral lessons. I’m feeling an attack of sarcastic apostrophes coming on and i really had sworn off them..

I henceforth declare that the Chicago Code is only cool now when it has Alderman Gibbons in it, although he isn’t free of cliche either. ” I grew up in the Projects” etc. However he successfully steals every scene he is in raising the level of the thing briefly to The Wire standard, almost, with all his evil machinations. He is a great villain.

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