Wallander tonight:BBC4 saturday 8:30pm G.M.T 2011

What’s not to like about Wallander? Wallander has really cool sunglasses now. He’s happy, tanned, lives by the sea. He chills out to the beating sound of the waves at night, forking out rice from an aluminium take-away box, leaning at the doorway listening. He has love interest now in the form of the beautiful tall and true of heart lady Public prosecutor. She has bought the house next door to him on the sandy dune at the sea’s edge. What a coincidence!

What i like about Wallander, well apart from lapping up every detail of Sweden, the houses, their insides and the countryside is that they do things differently there. When Wallander chases a black masked figure terrorist type through a public place he announces to the crowd:”Police!” and holds his rarely carried gun up high in the air above him, at the top of his reach, like it was an infected and alien thing.

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