Saturday: Wallander tonight:The Cellist & The Kennedys BBC2

Tonight Wallander BBC4 info says:

ARussian Cellist is subject to bomb attack following a performance in Ystad. The case leads Wallander into murky Mafia waters.

So our intrepid football loving Detective “I dream of watching football” is charting unknown waters is he? The Mafia must have a sea named after them to make sense of that analogy. Wallander is definitely cheering up these days. Putting aside the slight downfall to the football theme last night involving some roll-up turf and an obvious pointer to where the bodies lay..

His new love interest the fair Lady Prosecutor and he are now sitting comfortably ensconced within chairs at the side of the sea. Sipping tea through cool continental glass mugs with filigree handles and naughtily smoking. The Prosecutor lady has an old school film star snood around her beautiful face, fur coat and a face so beautiful she could be Helen of Troy. Watching the fleet of a thousand ships launched just for her.

In fact Wallander is so chirpy nowadays he ahs taken to making jokes and giving away interview tricks. File under handy for the unlikely event you are ever arrested: if you are lying your face off with a fake story and the police interviewer introduces a red-herring for that night eg. “Did you hear the fireworks?” Don’t claim that you did if you didn’t. Kurt jokes:

As if “You don’t rtemember fireworks, playing monopoly, killing someone or getting a B.J!”

Oh Dear, the woman cop looks rightfully pissed. And i thought the Swedish were so egalitarian. Tut Tut Wallander..

Tonight:THe Kennedys

Going to be watching this right after Wallander. Caught a bit last night and this is a catch-up. Really rather good.. Thank God they, or rather Tom, let Katie Holmes out of the house. Did they know in the States that there was a “Save Katie Holmes” campaign in the UK?

adios amigos

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