New:Review of Luther-2nd Series Episode 1 BBC1 aired on June 18th June 2011 UK

I must correct the name of the flame haired psychopath who i called Ruth in my previous review. Ruth Wilson is the name of the actress, her character is Alice in Luther.

Is Luther Serious?
Luther is great fun. The general consensus in reviews i have read is that it’s not meant to be entirely serious. I dunno, it certainly is daft, but i think it’s meant to be serious. Or at least taking itself seriously. Perhaps with a tiny touch of tongue-in-cheek? Who knows? Dafter shows than this have taken themselves seriously and so have the critics.

Maybe i am offended on behalf on lovely Londoner Idris Elba. Sporting a quite outrageous red silk tie for a Copper. To go with his lovely tweed jacket. Not sure if it has elbow patches. I hope not. I probably can’t see up that high to check. Although Luther could of course carry off elbow patches be they leather and even, dreadful thought, corduroy ones.

Well i always seem to miss the first few minutes and the last few of something. Even when i am waiting for it to be on. Such is Murphy’s Law. Hence i missed the last few minutes “shocker” referred to in the reviews completely. Only spotting the closing credits with an odd sequence of Luther panting amidst a syrupy sea of red background. Not Luther surely? They need him for the next three parts..

Opening sequence:
Also the opening sequence:i just caught Luther with his shirt off in his unexplained bare to the bone Council flat. The he picks up his gun and puts it to his head. I thought he was joking i don’t know why. Just some slightly odd games he plays with his empty gun. But no, he really was playing Russian Roulette, the critics say. Well i realised he was a bit down but not That down..

This jars a bit with Luther’s cheerful demeanour the rest of the time and well turned out look and lack of empty bottles, dried pizza, and other classic TV signs of depression. Suicidal people don’t usually accessorise beautifully with a silk red tie, embossed with faint paisley and tied to perfection with a dip in the middle and loosened ever so slightly for the rakish touch.

Nor do suicidal people have pristine shirts i do propose. Where was Luther’s ironing board? However i did spot a sparkling cafetiere pot for one on the counter with freshly made coffee in it. A fairly optimistic thing to have done, made ground coffee, before the Russian Roulette game..

Topless cops:
Well they do make men cops take their shirts off dont’t they? Stabler from Special Victims Unit with his tattoos (ex-Marine of course). The regular locker dis-robe. Lately Isaac of The Chicago Code.

Lester Freeman -a terrible digression:
Then there was The Wire and Lester Freeman. Whilst wondering if black actors get more of this sexist treatment than white actors i would propose Lester Freeman to have been particularly afflicted.

Lester Freeman being one of my favourite characters along with Major Colvin and Stringer Bell i couldn’t help but notice that Lester did not get to keep his shirt on much. Terminally distracting as a device since The Wire required 110% attention to every line of dialogue and detail.

Since time seemed to stand still indeed some kind of swift time warp ensued. In which my tea could well have fallen from my hands and i could have sustained three degree burns for all i knew. I counted myself as very lucky that said teacup was still indeed attached to my fingers when reality returned.

Although the cup’s passage to my lips had been halted temporarily in mid space and hung there freeze framed until the time warp shifted and noise, sound and action returned.

Oh dear, i do digress, i’m supposed to be writing about Luther. You see what a distraction Lester Freeman was now?

Well, what was in the apple that Luther threw over the Asylum wall that Alice was so handily walking in the grounds so that she could pick it up? My first thought was a razor blade. Only because Alice had mentioned her unsuccessful attempts at suicide. Quite how someone in such a place has access to sharp objects was not explained.

Also, this is entirely out of character for hard as nails Alice who very much looks out for number one. Possibly a sympathy play for Luther’s benefit. Alice is in love with Luther you see.

I felt that Luther was offering her the release that Alice had claimed she wished for. A sign that he does think she’s such an evil individual she would be no great loss and all that. Which means he’s been playing her all along. Although you could hardly say he encouraged her amorous feelings towards him. He has always remained aloof and impassive in demeanour when with her.

However Luther does seem to like Alice in some way or at least value her psychotic advice. Otherwise why hang out with her chatting about cases and the meaning of Art and Life? Oh, i forgot, Luther is a genius Detective. No seriously,it’s a new twist. Alice also, in spite of her murderous side is exceedingly clever. Insanely clever one might say.

This is it. Clearly, Luther likes to hang out with Alice since she too, is a fellow genius! I seem to remember Alice was a child prodigy or something. Before she dispatched her family. The dear classic English terribly clever dotty scientists who lived in the country with their lovely Labrador dog.

Yes, someone who can kill even a dog and a nice Labrador Doggie to boot must be really really bad..

Although i have quipped about Luther’s need for a faster car so as he might get to the scene of the crime before it becomes one. I do believe it would be terribly boring if he did turn up in some eponymous wheeled beast.

A BMW being too cliche for a black Londoner. Suv:unthinkable. Ditto Jeep. Audi too flashy for Luther. SAAB:possibly? However how about an old M.G Luther?, racing green, a bit battered if you must. Ok . I have it, an old school Citroen a’ la 1920’s, all curves..

Ok Luther the show, but never the Detective, is exceedingly daft. However still great fun as long as i can hide my eyes in time from the gore.

Next Episode: We find out exactly what was in that apple that Luther threw over the walls. Is my mate right and it was a pass key somehow embedded in it’s entirety inside a half eaten apple?….

Daft Dialogue from Episode One:

Luther:”Morning all”!
A British Detective in-joke since the first ever i think Police Show was called Dixon of Dock Green in which the Policeman would say “morning all” gruffly.

The Murderer:
“He is the sunrise, he loves everyone!”

Luther sees Alice in Hospital (The Asylum):
Alice on being told by Luther that he is leaving the “Force”:

“Good because the people around you are vampires, they will suck you dry your veins dry and then suck out your bone marrow”!

( Wouldn’t Vampires prefer arteries?)

“I’ve gotta go, madmen to catch”..
“Need any advice?”
“No, i think I’m up to speed with lunatics”!

Luther finds Caroline (The Girl In Trouble)
“What about the drugs, the Meths? i think you’ve got one, maybe two months before your teeth start falling out”.
(great thing to say:Detectives are great with troubled youngsters aren’t they?)

Murderer to Luther:
“You think because you’ve tasted my blood? This time, this mechanised culture. Kids in Whitechapel” ( it was Mile End, thought so)
“Have you ever heard of Spring Heeled Jack?”

“Are you getting your ideas from Victorian Penny Dreadfuls?”
(Exactly. You see how Luther knows everything?)

subtitles for this scene:
(phone clatters to the floor)

The Girl In Trouble describes how she knows Luther:
“A long time ago, my Dad killed this girl by accident. Then he panicked, cut her up, put her in wheelie bins. Luther got him”.

Luther’s kind of mate his dead ex-wife’s bedraggled boyfriend (Paul McGann) asks:
“And your Dad?”
“Killed himself”.

Blond Art student girl describing the murderer before she knew he was a murderer:
“I suppose he was a freak, a freaky little freak.”

“Did he ever hurt you?”
“No, but he had a look in his eyes like he wanted to”….

End Of Episode One: Contains Spoilers
Kind of lost track of the plot after this point. Another God awful murder of someone in a house. Filmed by the murderer and beamed somehow to the Police Station’s computer screen.

They get a “partial plate”, get there, but it’s too late. Of course. Luther is always late. He needs a faster car. I’m glad i missed the presumably filmed murder bit.

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