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Dear Oh Dear, where to start? I should think i am only one of a handful of people watching this. Or who admit to it! However, as i flagged up previously, i didn’t mean to watch it yet was irrevocably ensnared due to my liking of human interest stories..

For those who don’t happen to know, as i doubt it’s been universally noticed or written about somehow, reality shows are where real people lead their ‘normal’ lives and just happen to get filmed along the way. However i was surprised to see a full page newspaper review of reality shows including the hugely popular British The Only Way Is Essex, the new Made In Chelsea, along with the American reality shows The Hills and Jersey Shore.

The reason for the article, in a broadsheet i may boast and not a tabloid, was that The Only Way Is Essex had won a BAFTA award for outstanding entertainment in TV at the BAFTA awards. Cue some snarky snobbery from the writer who described the cast “tottering across the stage in their high heels & fake orange tans” and so on. Also a cartoon about shocked(proper) actor and actress ‘luvvies’ appalled at such a ‘lowering of the tone’ of the standard of acting..

Well i think we knew that it wasn’t Chekhov nor Olivier..However The Only Way is Essex is great fun and highly enjoyable. I guess it depends if you like this sort of thing or not. Having written rather ramblingly about The Only Way (that’s become it’s nickname amongst it’s afficianados-well those who dare to own up to watching it/liking it) much as i would like to enlarge upon the plots and sub counter plots of our orange friends from Essex i had better stick to the point. Which is Made In Chelsea.

I will use The Only Way as a counterpoint of comparison with Made In Chelsea however since it’s difficult to resist..Is this sounding all very erudite and important? i hope so..

Like most of these reality shows the cast is divided into the blondes and the brunettes. In the beginning you can only really distinguish between the blond characters and the brunette characters on the basis of their different coloured hair.

Within the same group of hair colouring you see, all of them are so well coiffured, manicured, make-up covered and layered foundation like it was sandblasted on. Making it very hard to tell one from the other, so alike are they all in their very uniformity of appearance.

The upshot of this make-up fest and uniformity of style in applying their make up (or fake tan) between the girls at first makes it very hard to tell the brunettes apart from each other and ditto the blond girls. You can only really tell them apart from their hair colour at first.

Then you start to be able to distinguish differences amidst the similarity of plumage of the females as time goes on and you see their characters emerge and tiny differences(very tiny) in style emerge. I suppose this phenomenom of similarity in looks is what learned columnists like to refer to as ‘tribes’.

The addition of multiple layers of fake eyelashes and hair extensions appears to be mainly restricted to The Only Way Essex girls. Although i may be wrong the wealthy socialites in Made In Chelsea may just be a bit more subtle about these things. Or they may consider them only suitable for evening wear not day wear. Or the posh rich socialite girls in Made In Chelsea may see such things as hair extensions and fake eyleashes in multiple layers as ‘tacky’…

to be continued

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