New:Chicago Code Part Two:watching tonight Thursday 9th June 2011

Yes, i know i categorised Chicago Code as cool, cool TV. It is unutterably cool. A crazy colour palette of streets and sunlight concrete and cars. So unlike the usual claustrophobic syrupy yellow gold light ladled in dollops over the sun, sky and all inside areas, in most US crime shows.

You can see white daylight, black night. Multiple low level lamps lighting all interiors are also thankfully missing. Just brownstones and grey concrete. Silver metal bridges, the L train chugging by. They let us out of orange yellow land & golden syrup city..

However i may have to remove one cool from Chicago Code’s cool cool TV rating. I knew it was a bit cheesy. A leetle bit. I would accept that there are special exceptions for Jennifer Beale. That’s part of her charm, her cheesiness. She has inner steel too..(an unintentional Flashdance joke)

Letting Jennifer on through the cheesy but cool gate the cliche count is rising. There is a risk that if the cliche count gets to a certain unknown level that a small hole will appear in the dam. (Let’s imagine for a moment we’re in Holland). Yes the dam preventing the river of uncool to flow. This is what happens when cheesy on one side and cool on the other are inextricably mixed. It happens when cliche burrows a hole through the dam.

Cheesy and uncool mix to form irrevocably the river of uncool. This possible predicament will signify Chicago Code’s future uncoolness.

Yet i’m a kind person. There is a certain coolness in the cliche count itself
as an activity. Some cliches are so familiar like a battered old trainer yet comfortable still. Reassuring like old slippers. Indeed i wear my old trainers as that very thing.

We can let a few select cliches slide through. The dam may hold just a little trickle.
Special cool points are awarded for a twist on an old cliche. Sometimes known as the subverted genre. Often times it is too knowingly done. With a ‘hey look at us, what we’re doing and we think you’re clever too if you notice it’ ha ha.

Not really, more like a tiresome flat tire, or a feeling of one. So we have the cliched ‘church entered for solace’. The catholic cop observant and schooled in devotion. The appearance of their ‘old friend the priest’ who asks:

“how are you, it’s along time since we’ve seen you at mass”

In The Chicago code we have all the above happen and
Jarek (our cool cop hero)answers:
“I’ve strayed from the path Sister”

However this time it’s a Sister! Who would not normally be allowed to be a priest? ( (The cool Sister who is dressed like a priest has short cropped blond hair and is called Sister Paul)
(nb. Why is the Sister called Paul?)

Jarek says to Sister Paul:
“Still smoking Sister?”
Sister Paul:”You still drinking?”
Jarek:”You always answer a question with a question!”
Sister Paul:”It’s my take on the Socratic method”
grinning. “Moral rigidity, you always had a problem with that. If i can’t be perfect why bother being good?”

Required wise Verbal sparring over Sister Paul asks Jarek:
“would you like me to pray with you?”
Jarek already having lit the prerequisite candle. They kneel together:

Jarek “Ok, Our Holy Father please bless and protect all my family..” (he lists all the names)
Sister Pauls says “Amen”
However Jarek continues:
“and that i may find my brother Vincent’s killer and make my aim true so i may take his life”!
Sister Paul looks at Jarek a bit shocked. Don’t think you’re supposed to pray for things like that and he did it in church!..

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