Made in Chelsea Part Two Plus The Only Way Is Essex Vs. Made In Chelsea

Damn, sucked in by the human interest..Even though it’s all likely scripted. How gullible a TV watcher am i?

Wouldn’t you, given a role and a script in a reality show decide after a while, it being really boring and everything, to go a bit Mike Leigh improvisational and start having a laugh with it, just for fun. I would.

I mean the script of Made In Chelsea isn’t exactly enervating is it? The cast of Made In Chelsea make the Only Way is Essex look like they are on speed. The Essex Anglo-Saxon descendants are hardly engaging in witty and sparkling repartee and won’t be holding any literary salons a’ la bohemians any time soon.

However The Only Way is Essex cast do deliver some stinging remarks, wry jokes and truly funny conversations sometimes. Made in Chelsea lot just don’t seem to know how to have fun. Really, even in a club with cocktails every colour of the rainbow& champagne flowing, but more on Made In Chelsea later..

There was the infamous matter of Amy from the Only Way not knowing where North london was. Plus not knowing who the current Prime Minister was..Luckily, Sam did, who surprised us with an impressive political knowledge. However the fair or should i say brunette Amy can stand her own in an argument displaying an admirable debating skill. We find out that Amy went to a Private School. Guess they didn’t cover North London..

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