Made in Chelsea Cast List Part Two :16th June 2011 11:11pm G.M.T

Con/..from Part One Made In Chelsea Cast List

A bit boring. We only see her as a secondary character. One of the brunette women. Oh so Very pale like she needs a transfusion. Hard to tell what the real colour of her face might be. Best friend with the beautiful Caggie and alternately romanced by the devilish Hugo. Really likes Hugo. Hangs out mainly with Caggie who i think is her best mate. She also sometimes hangs with Rosie. However this friendship is looking in jeopardy as Rosie also like Hugo..More on that later.

Millie buys a date with Hugo at a Batchelor auction for charity. Hence their date at the Sushi bar. Millie being the one drunken girl that night (that the other girls tut tut about) who sits giggling on Hugo’s lap. She also spontaneously starts snogging Hugo in the middle of a very posh Art Exhibition. If Art exhibitions can be posh. Apparently it’s not the done thing in Made In Chelsea to get drunk however snogging in public is ok. Millie mostly wear long strappy dresses that look like old fashioned bri-nylon nighties.

Rosie we know little about except that she is doing a degree since we see her in an un-named University library and she mentions her thesis to Hugo. This is when he comes to pledge his troth to Rosie right after a date with Millie whom he unceremoniously dumps and leaves behind gazing broken heartedly into the dark distance. Unfortunately Rosie has been informed of said snogging session at the Exhibition and turns Hugo down. Even though she really likes him.

Millie keeps asking Rosie if she has a problem with her going out with Hugo but Rosie keeps saying no. The girls generally do not stick together or tell each other the truth about their feelings for the guys. It seems to be every woman for herself.

In a rather hilarious scene we see Rosie call on a dog psychiatrist who comes to meet her, rather oddly, in the middle of a huge garden. Presumably so we plebs don’t see any of the houses up close and decide to burgle them i guess.

Insultingly, the Dog Doctor diagnoses Rosie’s dog as depressed and lonely, due to Rosie’s “single status”. Rosie rightly looks horrified at this patronising conclusion. Even if it is correct. I should think many of those tiny dog things get depressed being carried around like living dollies ensconced inside handbags after a while. Wonder what the dog psychiatrist tells couples whose dogs are depressed.

Rosie is really an old style film star:
Nb. At said charity Batchelor charity auction the knives are out or rather they are hidden under the table when Rosie looks daggers at Millie when she bids successfully for Hugo. Rosie has transformed like a caterpillar into a butterfly on this night. The one instance where deep red lipstick looks fabulous on somebody so young. Turning Rosie into a beautiful 40’s film star look alike and really quite ravishing.

Further note-i may be getting the name Millie wrong, it may be Amber, i will have to get back to you on that.

Caggie is the only blond girl in the cast apart from Chepsky. Quite unusual this, since reality shows seem to mainly be peopled by blond haired girls, especially American shows. On a scientific basis, this may not be truly comparable since it could just mean that the Made In Chelsea lot are not into dying their hair and the Only Way Is Essex cast are. Hence we cannot really ascertain the true proportion of blond girls Vs. brunettes.

As previously described, Caggie is very beautiful, it being hard to remember much her outfits. This is due to the law of great beauty in that clothing of such a person becomes secondary to their beauty and hence hard to remember or even notice. Caggie wears a lot of highlighter in her make-up, making her look shiny like she poured oil over her face, just before she went out.

to be continued
yet to do:

Francis Boules:
(totally hilarious and probably my favourite character if a little vile.)

long ginger/strawberry blond haired Viking look alike.

new appearance of male character
Jean Paul:
Very, very interesting this, as he is in competition now over the fair Agnes now with the vile fencing duo of Frederick & Francis..more will be explained in story so far


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