Luther BBC1 next Tuesday on TV: thoughts:11th June 2011

Exciting news guys and girls:Oh he of the six foot something frame, quiet brown eyes and an ever variable wardrobe of tweed jackets is back! Yes Idris Elba, a South Londoner (we’ll forgive him that) once a dustbin man and amateur DJ from the age of 14 i give you Stringer Bell, re-appearing this week on Luther.

Yes BBC 1 Tuesday @9pm “a four part thriller starring Idris Elba. The detective returns to work following his ex-wife’s murder and is immediately plunged into the case of a killer who slaughters his victims wearing a punch mask.”

Yes, who can forget the horrific killing of Luther’s wife, by his deranged best friend. Luther hurrying to get there in time, taunted by said deranged one on his mobile. Phuttting along in his ultra-uncool (so it’s cool) battered old Volvo car, Luther, like in a lot of his cases, doesn’t quite get there in time..

Dear Oh dear it was very messy, Luther’s wife being very beautiful and long of neck and very much surprised at this turn of events. Indeed a mate of mine watching at the time named her ‘swan neck’ which i thought was rather a gorgeous name.

Ladies, remember, having watched many of these murder mysteries now, including a fair few True Life Stories, it is never a good thing to let in the house your husband/boyfriend’s work colleague or friend when you are alone. It’s never good. However jolly and or eerily calm he may be..

Luther is wonderful TV, set in London for a change, seemingly in the City somewhere. The Police station is suitably and believably old Victorian grime. Cases are horrifically Gothic. Best character so far apart form the apparently innocuous blond friend turning bad has been the evil psychopath Ruth.

Oh she of the flaming red hair and ice cold beauty. Great wardrobe and flat (of course) and an extra cool job as a clever as clogs Physics scientist come Astronomer. With fantastic new age state of the art labs at the University where she works. Cold hearted killer of her parents, Luther’s very first case, he was on to her immediately. Ruth had fed the gun she used to the dog somehow i forget the fine details. Point being there was no ‘evidence’.

Luther ‘clocked’ Ruth as the murderer within the first ten minutes of her interview on the basis that she had no ‘affect’ eg.emotion abut the gory death of her parents and dear Doggie. She killed the dog too. All we could garner from this case was that her parent were just really annoying her. Unaccountably, Ruth and Luther, once she has stopped trying to variously kill him, stalk him and appear everywhere he is, become improbable mates.

They take to meeting over cases on the London Bridge, mostly in the middle of the night, sometimes after a long hard day in bright gilded sunshine glinting on the gold carvings of the bridge. You see, apart from being madly and irrevocably in love with Luther, Ruth is exceedingly clever. She can get into the mind of the killer..

So, “the killer wears a Punch mask” does he (as in Punch & Judy). Suitably Gothic. Rather Sherlock Holmes. Lovely..Could Luther be ‘channelling’ Sherlock with his tweed jackets of beautiful hues?
nb. Luther does spend a lot of time squinting however. I do wonder if he needs glasses?

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