Fun & Interesting stuff i have seen:Destination Titan BBC4:: Describing the project of landing a probe on Saturn’s Moon, Titan

Destination Titan
The story of the project led by a team of scientists to build and land a probe on the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan.

Damn, missed most of this due to watching Lie To Me which is rubbish now. Except i came in at the best bit where the scientists showed close up photos of their probe on the surface of Titan. Titan being the moon of the planet Saturn. Plus what all the surrounding looked like:

“It’s like The French Riviera, Mexico, it could be anywhere” they said. The surface of Titan was sand and boulders surrounding the probe and mountains with old ridges worn by ancient rivers above. OMG moment..

The mountains and the ground looked a bit red, sandy red. If that was a result of the photography used or an effect from the planet itself was not mentioned. Therefore i reckon that pale ochre red was the real colour of the sand and the ridged mountains. Scale was unclear however.

It (Titan) was seriously officially cool..

“You can see the picture of the probe just sitting there. So peacefully and calmly!”

One of the Scientists said in wonder on watching the successful landing of the probe upon the surface of Titan. There are lakes and seas of liquid methane we are told.

“There is a similarity to earth.” “We have weather on Titan!” “and a stratosphere, and two other spheres”! The scientists exclaimed.

Plus there was a special award & a place in history for their probe which was called Hugyens. For being “The furthest landing of a spacecraft landing in the universe”. Hugyens remains the most distant landing we are told.
One of the scientists describes the successful mission:

“It shows our sphere of influence expanding beyond the surface of our planet”.

All the men scientists who relate this tale were ecstatic in joy over the probe’s success and their experiment. One man described how he cried in the corner when they knew it landed.

The photographs, as far as i understand were relayed in real time from the probe.
Was intrigued at the synopsis of this episode on the TV info regarding:
” sacrifices made”..during the course of this project.

nb. At the end of the programme they said that there is an Open-University virtual planisphere, presumably of Titan, for viewing at then follow links to Open University.

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