Epitaph ideas & Panorama on BBC1-Warning-A bit of a downer & i get unusually opinionated Plus more cheerful:Wallander episode three BBC4

Nb. realised that this phrase i was muttering to myself this morning:
“i need more coffee” would make a great epitaph!

or for cremation i could have Elbow’s Day Like This which ends with the finale “throw those curtains wide”…
on consideration the only thing about choosing such a track for one’s funeral is that it would spoil it rather unfairly for life for the people hearing it. An awful thing to do to Elbow..

Further thoughts on The Crack House Documentary
To be added to that write up.

TV Shock this week:
succumbed to TV shock this week which put me off watching any more that night and therefore ditched on ‘Google Baby’. The programme that had me watching from behind my eyes was Panorama, shot by an undercover care worker in a home for adults with learning difficulties, cataloguing the extreme abuse that was being dished out.

I only watched it through hoping against hope that the police would come in at some point and arrest the people involved and subject them to the very same summary justice that they were carrying out on the defenceless victims.

Never having entertained visions of angry policemen in my life, nor wished them upon anybody, i was willing said policemen to arrive in answer to the strangled call of one of the women: I’ll call the Police on you!” As she was lying shivering outside after multiple cold water soakings and being pinned under a a chair with somebody standing on her neck.

I did have a bit of a problem with the whistle blower, since it seemed to me that although he was filming it (as my watching mate justified it) in order to really shop them after countless complaints to all the right channels, just standing by and saying nothing was morally reprehensible too.

Thankfully the country was in outrage the next day and those guys and woman (including a trained Nurse) have now been arrested. Hope they will meet a number of angry people in jail. Particularly those who may have a vulnerable child.

The watching psychologist expert told us that there was a process by which other people would copy the person in authority carrying out the abuse since it had become ‘normalised’. It reminded me of that infamous psychological test with the electric shocks that one person administered to another, under instructions from authority figures, believing they were causing the other to scream in pain.

This ‘classic’ experiment was all a set up with actors as the victims who were not hurt at all however the key point was that the perpetrators did not know this. During the BBC4 Series The Secret History Of The Brain the original film of this experiment was shown and the interviewer met one of the guys who delivered the ‘shocks’. He was the only one who did question his instructions however he still carried them out. Shockingly all the perpetrators went to the highest level of shock to be administered..(perhaps i shouldn’t have used shockingly there..)

This experiment was proffered as proof that people will obey authority and jettison their moral compass towards their fellow man.

Guess this made Vampire Diaries and similar murder drama with ever copious blood and gore abounding via special effects look like a walk in the park..

The Good News:
Wallander last night BBC4:
OMG moment-did Wallander or not offer up a small scale movie and take us to town and back all in one night?
Just i was getting all relaxed and looking upon Wallander like a mini fantasy holiday to Sweden especially since he is now by the sea. It comes out and and slaps you in the back of the head having done a double flip and turned into film noire outstanding for the night…

nb. i have learnt that the proper pronunciation of Wallander is ‘Vallander’.

‘nother nb. A pedantic note-i must stop starting my sentences with ‘and’. Since apparently in the world of grammar and pedantic rulings it is really not ‘done’. I knew that in the back of my mind however i was enthralled to learn that Hemingway did it hence felt it must be all right..

On second thoughts considering the above i may be observing an unhealthy level of obedience towards the rules of pedantry..And thank goodness i live in ignorant bliss of what exactly a ‘split infinitive’ is..(apparently something, i read, which sets such pedants’ teeth on edge like they were biting on silver foil” I do understand that feeling however i get it when i see Soul music such as the Stylistics referred to as ‘R n’ B’ on you tube..

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