Spiral 3-Final Goodbyes(Clarissima finally leaves the party) Ending note by the Host&Writer of The Guardian Newspaper Blog for Spiral 3 :James Donaghy

  • 12 May 2011 1:00AM

    j’en y va mes amis,
    see you for T** K******2
    & The next Spiral, hopefully with more wonderful Blog from our host@James Donaghy, so enjoyed them. Favourite lines of all:

    “Anne Alvaro has a face born for sorrow” *
    “things look bleak for the footballer but he’s a firestarter, twisted firestarter”..

    Merci beaucoup for having us et au revoir to @James Donaghy &all of you Spiralettes, Spiral was brilliant, ne c’est pas?!

    nb.@James Donaghy already appreciate Gilou’s ace undercover skills..can just see him as you say a “crusty with a Special Brew”!

    Until the next modern day tale of cowboys & crucifixion. The catch being that nobody, by which i mean the woman, gets resurrected..

  • Contributor

    12 May 2011 1:28AM

    Thanks clarissima – always liked your in-depth posts.

    And thanks to everyone for your ace comments these past six weeks – lots of on the money insight, things I’d missed and inspired theories. I like how the show turned around some sceptics over time and how that lunk Gilou was elevated to sex symbol on here when there were so many other more obvious candidates around. And I’ll be begging/bribing the skipper to let me loose on season four when the time comes. Tata for now.

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