Spiral 3 Episoes 9&10 Yassou Nounours:random chat vs. posters on the forum-4th May 2011

  • Yassou Nounours:
    brilliant avatar, eney polee oraya (phonetic Greek)
    actuallemente i had only seen JJLLP’s coment when i wrote that..mais you have a point i S’pose..
    mais oui, shame on me,(he he)

    i did actually stop myself from writing something that could be construed as sexist about our sociopath Josephine yesterday, keep getting these Guardian moments..

    in my defence i thought i kept it all quite clean in the spirit of (sexist)
    fun..i never mentioned underpants, Or Boxers even, or guns up certain places or the medical word that might be inherent in “getting to the bottom of this”! Keeping everybody metaphorically dressed..

    coming later, a descriptively hot scene, describing the sexual chemistry between a certain two characters in Spiral…
    Yasou Kooklamou

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