Spiral 3 Episods 9&10:Everybody has to be nice to me today since it’s my birthday:6th May 20111

everybody has to be nice to me today since it’s my birthday!..
i have been reliably informed by a cowboy expert that i have been mis-writing Lee Van Clint, it should be Lee Van Cleef, he from The Good , The Bad & The Ugly. With the best cowboy theme music of all time by Morricone. Of course i could have pretended i was being doubly ironic (making a word play with dear dastardly Clint) and never mentioned my mistake..

‘nother nb. Forgot to mention in my portrayal of Roban as (Batman’s) Robin that he could so do tights, no sweat and still carry it off, hence is officially cool after all if not quite a cowboy..

@Nounors, i have been to Barcelona…nice Fawlty towers joke there!

thank you all as above very much for the info, will check out Noggin being as i am in favour of any show where nobody gets murdered:SWNGM for short.

Sounds slightly reminiscent of my beloved Moomin family from a way back when..

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