Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10:Random chat vs. Posters in forum &further discussion of Noggin the Nog May 6th 2011

  • @Nounours &MsDaisyD:
    Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, for the Bday wishes!
    @Nounors yes, have some lovely prezzies including a Miss Kitty & a Fountain pen set & a Moleskin notebook, now i am a true Guardianite…
    i must have seen too many murder mysteries to notice that miss Kitty has no pants on..err
    nb.great name monsieur le blue snowman & picture tho it makes me think of Christmas already..
    re: this Noggin business, have looked at the website, cheers for that, @Honokuka, just don’t get it..maybe you have to watch it?
    Yes, where is Moomintroll indeed? surely Nog is not a patch on Moomintroll..even animated.
    nb. you can get a book of the drawings, as i received for a prezzie last Christmas and funily enough, gave too. However no Finn Family Moomintroll book..
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