Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10 2nd May 6:48pm

  • 2 May 2011 6:48PM

    random musings:

    Gilou & Laure:
    Was it not all very Romeo & Juliet with Gilou & Laure in these episodes?
    They just stopped short of a double suicide..

    After an unconscionably long time spent by Gilou:
    looking ‘innocent’ & making “who, me?” faces at Belmont
    claiming “gastric flu” as an alibi for the day of the squat shooting(how original!)
    munching manfully on his dinner seemingly for ages in a bar..
    Gilou finally grows some cojones and decides to come clean to Belmont.

    However Laure has beat him to it, heroically & bravely annoucning to Belmont that she fired the shot in the squat. If not quite poison possible career suicide..
    Gilou is such a poussin! Not sure he would do a real Romeo..

    Feeling a bit mean saying Nounours is fairly useless as a character. It looked (to me) like he’d been lost all night in the streets of Paris after their chase, only turning up in the morning to the bar. However i have to admit that a stake out is quite hard to achieve on a motorbike and he may well have gone home for a kip and then come in to “take over” as Laure instructed him..

    In my mitigation i plead the fact that comedy has been attached to poor Nounours for me ever since the Calamity Jane type chase after Josephine when Nounours first appeared in his oh so tiny car with his giant Sightscope!(ok, camera but i goes nicely with The Crimescope)

    Laure & Josephine:
    I didn’t think that it was a real Hallmark moment between Laure & Josephine. Laure was certainly genuinely concerned about Pierre however her comment:
    “Your clients can always rely on you” to Josephine was definitely barbed.
    Likewise as Josephine finishes her side of this syrupy exchange she turns away, smirking nastily, yet somewhat triumphantly..

    Arnaud and the Mystery Girl:
    Was it just me or did anybody else think Arnaud coming back to his flat and finding a mysterious rain coat signified the return of the Mysterious Girl? I know, thinking about it it’s entirely daft as she didn’t know where he lived, but part of me still hoped briefly. The old “i came in nothing but a rain coat and i’m waiting for you in the bedroom trick”!

    Just a thought, but if you lived with one parent, and found a mysterious raincoat on the chair. (Well was it that mysterious to Arnaud, working with Roban as he did, surely he would know Roban’s Mac by sight?)

    Would you think:
    a) “Oh, some hanky panky going on here”, & tactfully tiptoe away-or
    b) Decide to open your parent’s bedroom door and have a good look?!

    More fuel to the fire of my theory of Aranud being in love with his Mum a leetle too much..

    Marianne& Roban:
    When Roban showed Marianne the incriminatory photos with his brother in them and explained his conundrum over the case:eg
    how to get the bad guys whilst leaving out his brother?

    I was secretly wishing and hoping that Marianne would come up with a brilliant Masterplan, a brainwave over which they would both chuckle conspiratorially, setting off to do daring deeds like an elderly Avengers! But no, Marianne just suggests Roban
    “should report Arnaud to his tutor and get him fired”-boring..

    More Dark/Hilarious dialogue:
    Niko &Stubble-man Tani (who hasn’t shaved for a very, very long time)

    Niko on the phone to Vlad (Vlad who unaccountably we can hear?)
    Vlad:”Did you get The Mexican?”
    Niko:”I think…”
    Vlad: (interrupting) “Since when did you ever think?”!

    Tani to Niko
    (Whilst waiting in the car, their stake-out to catch & kill Ronaldo)
    Tani:”Have we got him?”
    Niko:(looking chipper &cheerful)
    “Tell Belform to get the plastic sheeting ready”!
    But then Ronaldo toddles off distractedly after some very young& beautiful prey..
    The guys shrug this off as an annoying inconvenience..

    NB. dumbest move of the night:
    Ronaldo phoning Niko and asking for his help with his “papers” Oh and replying, when asked by Niko, that he is in Paris!

    Unclassifiable moment of dialogue:
    Roban to Laure when she gives him her information on the case:
    Roban:”I won’t kiss you but the sentiment’s there”!
    Roban gets away with this via his charming & ageless schoolboy grin..

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