Spiral 3 Episodes 9 & 10 1st May 2011

  • 1 May 2011 2:53PM

    so much wonderful dialogue and goings on to fit in here @ once so some jottings;.

    i also thought “ahh, Gilo is left behind, sad in the office..
    that Ronaldo trying to find his Mum’s grave is a bit sympathy making..ahh however it’s looking like he really IS the murderer

    amused that my jokes earlier about Ronaldo being sad because he was”footballless” have now been incorporated into his ‘code’ name.!

    most hilarious dialogue: the grey stygian kafkaesque office of the seriously unsmiling Juvenile squad man:where Pierre just keeps saying All the Wrong things!eg;

    “I needed to gain his trust”!
    “so he had a few beers, maybe four”!
    “things just happened naturally”!

    Wonderfully, (but not for Pierre) as often happens in officialdom, these are the comments unsmiling man dutifully types into his report..
    They lock Pierre Up! Preceding all this secret police stuff they announce:
    “We’re going to do a body search, we’ll get to the bottom of this”!

    nb. there was a few moments when i wondered whether Pierre really Had done it..surely Spiral playing with my doubts?

    The Chief Juvenile squad man also asks Pierre some pretty personal questions about his private, err, habits surely not usually to be found on forms? Law&Order’s Special Victims Unit was never like this!

    We find out from Patricia where the girls come from and how they are ‘trained’..
    Shock horror, Belmont grabs Patricia, apparently for the squat shooting? However he is just forcing Laure’s hand.

    Belmont, when asked by Laure how did he know about Patricia and appear so quickly?, admits that he has “a spy watching her squad”
    Laure in her rely to him uses the pronoun “She”?
    So who is this spy? and was i right with “she” & how does Laure know it’s a”she”?

    Machard has seemingly summarily taken over Pierre’s Case and is visibly gloating. Was it all a set-up from the beginning with Dylan? The new judge looks like a gay Goebbels..

    Noted this before over his earlier performance at the canal that Gilou is brilliant at undercover work. Ace how he stayed on the tube in case the girl they were following was faking getting off-she was.

    As someone said-their radios worked on the tube/underground!
    Nb. did she ‘clock’ Tintin following her and think he was a perve?

    Previously whilst waiting for the girl to ‘finish’ in the blue Scenic:
    Gilou”If it’s a BJ it will be 10 minutes”!
    Tin Tin”You would know, with you it would be 20″!
    Gilou”Only 6 minutes, that was quick”!

    Loved Laure properly getting her groove on with the case. Gilou&Laure together being excellent @ surveillance with her marshalling her troops and organising them all.

    Specially the following in the cars, how she instructed them to intermittently overtake each other, then split up and stay in single file etc.

    Sorry Nournous but your character is fairly useless! surely he would be more noticeable if around a lot in his black tinted helmet?

    Note, Laure&Co wait all night outside the bar and Nounours only just gets there in the morning?! Then Niko & Co, the toothpick chewing gang, come out..
    Then, Oh no, Laure tells Nounours to “take over”!..
    NB. why did Laure unaccountably put her siren on earlier when supposedly following the girl Undercover?!

    More of Laure getting her groove on with the case:
    Successfully ‘glamming’ Belmont in true vampire style to somehow get him to:
    drop the case for lack of evidence
    Not prosecute Gilou
    Is this all because he fancies/really loves her like she seems to him?
    (well at the very least she fancies him)

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