Spiral 3 Episodes 9 & 10 1st May 2011 8:30pm

  • 1 May 2011 8:30PM

  • I too was wondering about the innocence of Patricia:
    She was in at the beginning, & she is everywhere’,especially at important moments..
    @ All:
    Was she really “selling underwear” or was it about coke? What was she arguing with Mila about and is it really likely Patricia would know so much about the operation and all the names of the men?

    Would seriously out for her own survival, Head Girl Mila, have so easily given up this information and Niko’s mobile number?
    note Patricia even knows the address of the secretive fenced compound/’hotel’..

    Also, why was Niko beating up the girl in the street-was it Mila? Because she didn’t make enough money? He seemed to be looking for something specific. Could this be related to Patricia’s argument with Mila at the hotel later?

    Just a thought-coke as a theme?:
    Niko does coke
    Gilou used to.
    Patricia does.
    What about the drug dealer who supplies Niko-is he separate from all this? The much mentioned tonight, Mr. Bo?,
    Is he supplying everybody or is it Pitbull, who we saw Patricia going to. Is there a link between any or all of them?

    Random thoughts:
    Note Arnaud kissing, a bit too lovingly i thought, his Mother’s hand..

    Ronaldo isn’t buying scalpels:
    I thought he was for a moment, not that it’s that easy, except for modelling. Does he really do all that with just a handy knife?
    He still looks kind of cute and little boy lost and his Mum IS dead. Ahh

    Why are the secondary female characters so damn soppy, doe eyed and slightly stary like they’re all on Valium?
    eg. Emilie, although she does give Roban a pep talk.
    Madame Courcelles: strangely disconnected in demeanour.

    Roban the meanie:
    Poor Mrs. Courcelles, visibly upset, telling Roban that her husband the Mayor is divorcing her over the letter “after fifteen years of marriage” gets not even a faux look or word of sympathy..

    Beautiful Spiral:
    The cris crossed bridges shot with the men (Martin & Co&Arnaud) showing on the bridge as silhouettes.
    Another Cross reference to add to the other religious iconography?

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