Spiral 3 Episodes 11&12 Final Episodes Random Conversations vs Posrters and Musings on Spiral 10th May 2011 2:18pm

  • @DevonGirl4 & @ All
    hey, let’s not devolve in to bickering in the last fading of the light..
    what i like about this forum is that it has been blessedly free of such things, blimey some i could mention regularly disintegrate into an outright Holy War!

    I have a good memory for minutiae and i distinctly remember imploring Devongirl “Oh, do tell, who is Vlad?”
    to which Devongirl4 replied:
    “no, i would hate to spoil it” or something like that..
    i would stick to my story even if imprisoned in the Juvenile Squad room with that appallingly unappealing man questioning me…

    nb. Inshallah is Arabic for God Willing, i may have made it seem like it meant “tomorow” i also like “salaam alaykum” (hello, my Brother) Arabic is very poetic. I have tried out these phrases just for the sake of saying them!

    nb. i hope it’s ok to mention uhum another Newspaper but there was a write up yesterday in the Independent by the Fashion Writer
    Susannah Frankel all about our fair (& more than mad) Laure!

    Somewhat sexist in precept really since when does anybody ever write about what Male characters are wearing? Even the sartorially supreme Don Draper? However it is good and quite funny entitled:
    ‘Dirty Harry Never Looked This Damn Good’.

    It encompasses Sarah Lund, the whole thorny ‘ Laure’s vestgate’ issue & a deconstruction of Laure’s wardrobe piece by piece, who would have noticed she wore black box-cut Levi jeans? I sure didn’t. It ends with a funny retelling of the infamous Madame Courcelles scene. Seen of course from the point of view of a Fashionista..

    Interesting quote:
    “More generally Spiral only serves to emphasise the difference between the French attitude to dress and the rest of the planet’s”
    Hmm..really? i think it’s always been known as ‘chic’ and /or “i don’t give a (rhymes nearly with) “chic”!…

    Nb. I realise that what i am about to say may be tantamount to treason for seasoned Spiral Watchers however i plead no prior knowledge of the characters. I had a few uncomfortable moments when Gilou & Tin Tin seemed to be giving each other meaningful looks on the way to the stakeout with Laure in the car. Literally behind her back as i think Laure was driving..

    I wondered if Gilou & Tin Tin could be ‘crooked cops’ too? It was just after finding out about Le Shark & possibly the same time as they had identified the Shark through his registration number. Also, who exactly gave the order “Put your orange/red? armbands on!”
    at the frenetic warehouse scene?

    It was unclear i felt who issued that order, was it Bremont, or was it Le Shark to his crooked crew Gilou & TinTin? Le Shark after shouting loudly:
    “Les Flics are coming, move your arrrses!” (pardon me)
    hilariously, as just once, Gilou swore merde in English, Le Shark shouts this out in English! why? It was all very mixed up wasn’t it. For me this deliberately played with our suspicions. Well mine anyway.

    Taken to it’s logical conclusion this could be argued as the reason nasty Niko slipped away from a warehouse chock full of Policemen/woman? Could Gilou’s manfully melodramatic ‘collapse’ have been fake? Therefore explaining his resurrection via slapping?!
    eg. Was it really an ‘accident’ that Niko ‘got away’?

    Sorry,(for my reasonable thoughts) i really like Gilou as a character and all, feel he has a wonderful magnetic screen presence akin to dear hunky Gerard Depardieu who sadly i must relate is now looking rather large in the vein of Marlon Brando in his later years.

    I have had great fun exploring the ‘feminine’ and unashamedly caring side of Gilou’s character simply because it contrasts so beautifully with his whole big man me hulk persona..However he has i hear been ‘in deep with the Columbian marching powder and the Ladies of the night in the past?

    ca n’est fais rien, you are welcome, same to you, merci beaucoup..
    hey i completely forgot about Noggins the Nog-tonight unfortunately it clashes with the doomfest laden Eastenders with which due to my mortal fascination with such Drama i must watch..

    however will check it out on Wednesday.. Here be something funny:i too have a small marble horse’s head about six inches high, a beautiful pale sea green but with no mysterious inscription..

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