Spiral 3 Episodes 11&12 9th May 9:12pm-WARNING:SERIOUS SPOILERS!

  • Oui, c’est finis, Oh woe is me..Yes i will miss my favourite Les Flics, however thanks to whomsoever mentioned Jar City which provided a cushioning come down to the overall anti-climax..

    It ends with a Bang not a Whimper:
    Agree that it was a bit of let down Laure shooting Ronaldo. All a bit daft really. Not that i want to get into a discussion of morals in a Drama however Laure is meant to be better than the murderers i would suggest? Sure, she hadn’t yet frightened the life out of and/or slowly tortured somebody but hey, what was the difference otherwise?

    If she really thought it through would not a long slow lingering death by attrition (boredom?) and cumulative beatings up in prison would have been a worse punishment? As people have pointed out it was all very Osama Bin Laden..

    Sharp Shootin’ Laure:
    However i do appreciate the strangeness of this scene. Along with the laughable physics involved. As rightly pointed out, Laure would have to have been a sharp shooter indeed to make that one bullet whizz through a mesh fence without bouncing back an a) killing her or ricocheting randomly about the room & possibly killing others in it!

    Laure’s Cowboy name could be Lefty:
    I say strangeness of the scene since this vision of lawless cowboy style redemption and revenge was accompanied all the while with the sight of Laure’s one left eye. An eye burning brightly with a maniacal light along with a matching slow trailing tear, sliding slug like down her left cheek. Sorry folks, it seems our beloved Laure is quite mad, bonkers in fact…

    Roanldo excels in Creepsville:
    When Laure shot Ronaldo in cold blood, he was just walking towards her, looking and grinning all creepy like. Yet he couldn’t get to her as she knew. I agree he was leaning downwards (low and to his right) and did appear to have something in his hand.

    Ronaldo does S.A.S:
    I did not spot him getting a gun in the frenetic few minutes where he dispatches several men single handed. I thought he only unearthed a mobile and the van keys all with an enviable S.A.S. style coolness. I felt he had his favourite razor in his hand?
    Yes, Les Flics were shouting “he has a gun”, however how did they know that for sure?

    Ronaldo’s missing scalpel:
    So Ronaldo was doing all that with an old fashioned one sided razor.
    Did wonder how he kept it in his pocket. His scalpel must have been tucked away somewhere safer. What he was using was not the shape imprint of his signature ‘mark’.

    The Lighter and the burn mark:
    However having a handy lighter and suddenly conjuring a cigarette out of nowhere in his daring and cunning escape plan(surely taught to Special Forces) leads me to think this is how he burned the scalpel mark onto his victims.

    The Taping up & Torture scenes:
    I, like others here, couldn’t watch Ronaldo’s torturing scenes. Likewise even the preceding not so jolly old ‘great big parcel’ here, good thing i remembered to bring my electrical masking tape(?!) scene.

    That electrical tape just gets everywhere:
    Women with their mouths getting taped up, think that’s just about been ‘done’ to death now, in Murder Dramas? I question the significance of such scenes generally and do wonder if they verge on prurience of a sexual kind?

    The Mirror imaging of scenes & Themes:
    On a more cheerful note, tho not much. the cigarette and lighter them was mirrored in the scene with Niko and Mila. Niko improbably kindly asks Mila:

    “I never asked you how you say hello in Romanian?”
    having offered her a cigarette.
    Mila replies”Buna Zia”!

    A touching scene if it were not for the fact that we know Niko is a raging murderous psychopath and we now are shown that Mila is indeed ‘playing him’ for her own survival. (as i felt she was) Obsequious, smiling and submissive, Mila keeps saying “thank you”.

    The politeness of some horror:
    In it’s own way, this silent and apparently amiable scene was just as charged with menace and shadowing Gothic horror than those outright scenes of violence. Amazingly, Niko even apologises to Mila for having beaten her up, however his apology rightly fills her with dread. Mila knows that he is ‘playing her’ right back..

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