Random Goodbye Chat vs. Posters Spiral 3 10th May 2011

  • Yassou @Nounours, boo hoo..
    peut etre vous etait a’ la tout seule a compris mon humeure..?
    vous etes drole’, mais oui, avec “proto fascist” and identity politics, c’est tout depressing pour moi..
    c’est une bonne idee’, La Moomintroll mais ils sont tout gros!.
    ca va bien, au revoir, a tout a l’heure of The Killing ( i make this up)

    ps. i looked up the meaning of your horse’s inscription without knowing ancient Greek the best i could come up with was Japanese in origin meaning ‘Blessed with Good Sight’!
    The whole Pierrre and Josephine kiss thing was, groan, a bit too
    ‘Moonlighting’ for me.. I’m usually the romantic one yet i preferred Josephine as a sociopath!

    BTW:BBC4’sJar City is really good, (the Detective to out-Detective all Detectives!)& BBC4’s Nightshift is also good, funny & set in Iceland!

    In case this is shut down thank you so much to James Donaghy for your wonderful blogs&for hosting this blog and putting up with my ramblings and off piste imaginings.

    Really enjoyed ‘interacting’ with Y’all, writing about Spiral and sharing the experience, had a complete blast. Oh Ye
    Gods i did a Hallmark moment. Falls backwards into a giant pot of Golden Syrup, hmmm, this tastes good, not a bad way to go..

    @Joodone:thanks for making me laugh and opening my eyes to a whole new way of writing, with scene setting and dialogue, never tried it before and absolutely loved it. Also helped me to precis..

    Thank you for all the info about those programmes. Phew, that the stories of Pugwash were after all innocent, they were always funny…

    i may be back..

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