New!:PART 2 Vampire Diaries Summary of series & Finale:Warning Contains Spoilers:26th May 2011

See . Part 1 Vampire Diaries Finale &Character list for prologue and identification(if bothered) tho a bit of background does help., or not, probably..

nb. Other characters not mentioned much more minor and all tend to be graded in evilness as to the more unsmiling and/or blond they are; eg. Klaus, very evil Vampire, the oldest who is part Werewolf but can’t transform and wants to unlock his whole Werewolf side via breaking the confusing curse mentioned in Part 1.

Klaus’s brother Elija is also very evil but also a gentleman, chivalry being a good point of Vampire men, when they’re not slaughtering people..Except for Stefan of course who is very smug and self-righteous about being a non-killer like he was vegetarian..

Elija has been searching for the ‘Doppelganger’ as previously explained all his life, much like Klaus, but for the life of me i can’t remember why now. Possibly to help in walk in daylight however all the other Vampires seem to have this covered by means of a fancy special silver ring. Elija organises all the participants i mean victims for the triple sacrifice already mentioned in which Elena, a spare beautiful werewolf woman who ‘just came into town’ (and was helping new werewolf Tyler adjust) and Elena’s Aunt, Jenna are to be sacrificed..

This triple sacrifice entails three beautiful women lying supine and screaming a lot on the forest floor whilst encircled by individual rings of fire. Dunno about you but if i was shortly going to be sacrificed i think i would risk jumping through that ring of fire. It was quite low in height, i was urging them all on to do so but alas, alack..

To re-cap this aztec style splurge will enable the evil Klaus to reawaken his dormant werewolf side since he is a hybrid, meaning part werewolf part vampire. He wants to try out a whole new way of killing to add to his repertoire. This is quite enlightened really since we learn that Vampires and Werewolves are deadly enemies since a werewolf bite is the only thing that can truly kill a vampire. I know, i thought a stake could do the deed, however i have seen numerous stakeings now in Vampire Diaries where the staked on pulls out the bit O’ wood and get up so strike that.

Once bitten the afflicted Vampire gets a very bad case of pulsating skin infection resembling a bad case of athlete’s foot. This spreads and grows and throbs a lot making the Vampire very ill with flu symptoms and they swoon in bed then generally stagger about a lot.

nb. to re-cap Damon is the bad evil Vampire brother and Stefan the good one since he slurps from blood packs using the tube like a straw from a freezer full of blood in the basement of his requisite cool mansion pad. Damon takes his energy drinks from the living and breathing kind..

Our fair Elena (human) is in love with Stefan so ignores the bad antics of Damon. Damon did at one point kill Elena’s brother whilst in a bad mood. Elena was extremely forgiving about that i felt, just pouting a bit and ignoring him, luckily since Jeremy was wearing a magic ring he eventually was resurrected Lazarus style..

To get back to the finale in the last two episodes: Oh Dear, the admittedly fairly useless woman Sheriff, Caroline’s mother who has spent all the previous series not noticing that there are Vampires everywhere shoots Jeremy by accident. She was aiming for the evil Damon, having finally realised he is a vampire, presumably loading up with a wooden bullet. However Damon ‘whooshes’ out of the way.

Jeremy has a very smoking large hole in his chest. Caroline (vampire ex-happy cheerleader) has to do the usual which is getting a bit tiresome now eg. sinks her handy just shot out fangs into her wrist and shoves it up against Jeremy’s face:”drink, Jeremy, drink”! When this doesn’t work Bonnie, poor long suffering Bonnie the witch is required to do her eye blinking and candle lighting chanting thin again. When it’s really a stressful spell blood spurts out of her eyes. Great, a whole new way with blood..Jeremy rises yet again, phew, however see end of Part 3..

Yay, our fair Elena ends up with not Stefan but Damon, who we’ve been secretly wishing she would for a while now. They are obviously better suited as they both have black hair. These things count in TV dramas..Cuddling up to him and crying whilst supporting him as he lies dying from a werewolf bite inflicted by Tyler when doggied up. Elena is pretty practised now at supporting dying people.

Stefan vs. Damon:
Yes, i know Damon is evil. He has killed loads, nay countless people. However since this doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker for Elena i have as described, been secretly rooting for damn for a while now. Stefan, much like Bill in True Blood ahs killed loads of people too, just not for a while. A fact airbrushed out of his whole i’m a good guy act. Stefan is wooden of face and frowns frequently. His whole holier than thou thing is surely the vampire equivalent of a smug vegetarian. Stefan never takes Elena out, just soft focus shags her and squires her about like medieval chattel.

Damon has all the best lines and they are funny. He has a sense of humour. He is increasingly obviously in love with Elena Ahh..but won’t admit it. Moodily drinking at the bar in town and his his fab vampire pad. He frequently does brave and foolhardy things to save Elena, breaking his carefully cultivated cool persona. He cries, he shouts a bit, he sulks. He staggers abut mortally wounded by a werewolf bite in front of an open air showing of Gone With The Wind. Priceless..

That Gone With The Wind touch nearly transcended Vampire Diaries into Art House film form for me albeit briefly. Damon and Stefan, both from the 1600’s originally as we see in the tiresome dress up flashbacks, were confederate soldiers. geddit..

Back to the story:
However all is not lost as later Stefan does a deal with the dastardly Klaus to come away with Klaus and be really evil. The catch is he has to leave his love Elena behind. In return Klaus offers his very special blood which is the only thing that can cure dying Damon. Klaus’s blood is special now since he is a hybrid werewolf vampire whose whole unexplored werewolf side has been released via the triple sacrifice i spoke of earlier.

Sadly,Elena’s Aunt Jenna, the only family she has ever known (bitten and turned into a vampire) doesn’t make it through the triple sacrifice nor does the beautiful werewolf lady. However Elena, though appearing to be dead is not really and is re-invigorated thanks to a very complicated spell process involving Bonnie and Elena’s birth Dad John. John who dies afterwards due to the draining of his soul and transferring it to Elena. I think i have that right..

Hilarious scene of the whole series:Stefan on his hands and knees doggie style on the stone floor looking up pleadingly at the evil Klaus. Numerous empty squished blood bags are strewn all around him. Pleadding to Klaus:

“No more!” meaning no more blood. Quite. i so agree…

Stefan as a character is so woefully wooden of face whilst remaining impressively handsome throughout all the heinous horror of the series. He still manages to look completely the same in expression if perhaps a little cross despite the harrowing if hilarious nature of this scene.

nb. In the start of the series they were wont to show us gratuitous shots of Stefan shirtless. His washboard stomach was 6 pack to the power of infinity. I thought it looked painful personally. Like when someone puts an elastic band on their wrist and forgets to take it off. Stefan, being a 16th Century vampire might not have known it was unsafe to put multiple elastic bands around his waist and tummy. Then look what happened..

More to come later..

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