New!:2 Thoughts for the day:The Spelling of Saturday, Musings on Idris Elba (Stringer Bell) & Wallander tonight BBC4:saturday 28th May 2011

ok two thoughts:
Bananas, aren’t they mostly rubbish?
when are they ever all edible, would we accept this from any other food?

Isn’t it truly awful when you think you have some Nutella and you don’t?

By the way, how long was it for you until you found out saturday was spelt with a u and not an e? i swear it’s all a wind up, it’s never looked right to me with a u..
i spelt it with an e for most of my life and now i find i was completely wrong..

nb. in today’s Independent Newspaper’s Magazine, an interview with photos about Idris Elba, entitled “I’m So Hot Right Now” Quite..
new series of Luther coming so i hear

Tonight, BBC4 new Wallander:
with our jolly sun tanned and boringly happy Detective, sorry but this is just ‘not done’, Detectives must be tortured souls. They don’t get to go live in a lovely house by the beautiful Swedish sea. No, no, no, Wallander, you only get to go look at the sea sitting in your car when sunk in melancholic angst. Not to have jolly barbecues with an apron reading Born To Grill. However i must say Wallander was certainly rocking out his new swarthy sun-tanned visage together with his very fetching and alarmingly swoon inducing white navy style Police shirt. Oo la la..

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