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Stefan was meant to be the ‘good’ vampire brother. Although we know from the tiresome 1600 (or it might be 1700) flashbacks Stefan was originally the Bad brother and Damon the good and virtuous one. However Stefan, in love with the beautiful and headstrong vampire Catherine goes to the dark side and takes his church going brother with him. Both brothers are fatally ensnared and in love with Lady Catherine.

Fast forward to now and Stefan is with Elena, the spitting image of Catherine, never explained beyond that Elena is the ‘Doppelganger’. Well um we can see that. Stefan presents himself as the caring, protective eternal courtly gentleman to Elena. Constantly watching over her and protecting her from harm. He is forever whisking her out of harms way and telling her this is man’s work.

Elena is little woman to him big man. All very so old fashioned and romantic at first. However it soon dawns for the viewer and seemingly not at all for Elena that his macho man stuff borders on an icky grooming session by a very old and nasty being..And all the things Stefan is protecting her from are nasty vampire happenings brought about by his, and his brother’s very presence in the town.

Elena, whose parents happened to drive off a bridge, fall in and Stefan somehow appeared and rescued her as a little girl. I always had my suspicions about how her parents drove off the bridge in the first place. Stefan just happened to be hanging out just there of all the places in the world a vampire could be. Considering his obsession with Catherine and somehow knowing that Elena is Catherine’s doppelganger look alike hmm..

Anyway, i hope you’re still with me on this tale..
Stefan saves Elena from the river but has to chose her over her parents as there is no time (he says). Years later, he appears to her when she is in High School and Elena is some indefinable age as with all High School students in American series.

Considering all such High School students, as with Elena , have a practised make-up technique enviable on a supermodel at a fashion show, equally amazing abilities with straightening irons and curlers (Caroline) and spout the most assertive psycho babble ever. Not to mention going around with permanently serious faces.

It would take most people a lifetime to learn that level of advanced psycho babble. Add to that all driving cars, going in and out at all times and having guys in their bedrooms soft focus shagging with nary a word from any adult. They could all be in their forties.

It’s only at the very end of Vampire Diaries that we find out that poor benighted Elena was only 17 all along. Although the vampires seem to have been there for years there has been so much killing going on. Elena was old and gloomy before it all started. By the end she is dressed in black at the graveside in a little black dress like any Sopranos widow. There has been far too many deaths, a fact she seems not to have noticed, but only one funeral..

The actress who plays Elena is obviously playing the two parts of Elena and Catherine. I prefer her as the evil ever resourceful Catherine, at least she has some spunk. (psycho-babble appearing not to be very useful)

Elena is very beautiful. In fact for most of the first episode i was fairly regularly distracted by the sight of her amazingly straight ironed hair. A feat of hairdressing n doubt. Never a hair out of place, no matter what death or destruction fell around her.

To get back to the fateful second meeting of Stefan and Elena when he appears in her town. Unbeknown and unremembered to Elena Stefan is her heroic saviour from her childhood. She does have some small child in a nightgown flashbacks of when Stefan saves her, another time, from a fire.

Not only does Stefan appear to find her and tell her of his role and his rather major obsession with her, he enrols at her school. Quite how a thousand odd year old vampire provides paperwork and previous references to a school is not clear.

Things pretty much go rapidly down hill from there on in.
If Elena and her school mates were not smiling much before she sure aint down for a smile any time soon.

nb. The town that Elena lives in centres around The Grill Bar (high school hang out) and her school. Later, (on meeting Stefan) she encounters the prerequisite extra cool vampire mansion, a dungeon and a crypt. Unaccountably, the few outside shots of the town (in daylight) is when they are engaged in yet another town celebration which happens nearly daily. Civil War remembrances, Fund raisers, Proms, fairgrounds, you name it.

Various shenanigans happen in the forest involving copious munch down sessions and at least one werewolf on the loose or locked up in an old slave quarters dungeon. (All sorts of different people/creatures get locked up in the dungeon)

There is a grisly burial in the forest after a truly tortuous death of Jeremy’s first love Vicky who is dispatched callously after being used like a human lollipop all weekend.(by Damon)

The one bit of beautiful scenery we see is an improbable hill or small mountain that dear solicitous and death bringing Stefan takes Elena up one day. (her big day out)
Looking up at the height of the climb from the bottom Elena asks:
“Can’t you do your swooshy thing?”
He and Damon have this handy swooshing ability to fly off in a blur.

“No, i want to do this the right way” Stefan says in his sententiously smug way. And makes her walk the 5 miles or so up it.

In a seriously syrupy scene with suspiciously golden leaved backdrop he promises Elena that he won’t force her to become a vampire. Well that’s nice. This means she will grow old etc. Elena, in a rare moment of perspicacity starts crying, saying:

“I’m only 17, i want to marry, have babies”..

At last a bit of common sense! However Elena remains as annoyingly and stupidly in love with him as ever once plodded down the ridiculous Hallmark moment hill.

By the end, pretty much everybody is dead, or is now a vampire. Or turned out to be the bearer of the family werewolf curse. But still be incredibly sweet. (Tyler)

Jeremy, Elena’s brother who was killed once before in just a bad mood by Damon and luckily resurrected due to his handy special powers ring is killed again as previously described by the fairly useless woman Sheriff. The town Sheriff being the mother to dear sweet Caroline, a girly happy cheerleader and all round popular girl. Only the popular ones are still alive. The uncool ones are sucked dry and left by the side of the road pretty much.

The mother of Caroline who can’t accept her daughter now as a vampire because she is so like ‘prejudiced’ against them. (Ok Caroline and her Sheriff mother do have a final resolution hug at the end) Since Caroline’s mother keeps pointing out that the vampires are murderers and are kind of undead. The mother is looked upon with sadness by her daughter. She can’t accept someone who is ‘different’ tut.tut.

All the rest of the characters have accepted these differences. You just have to make some adjustments to your friends and family count.

Anyway, to get back to poor multi-killed Jeremy, resurrected from the dead yet again, Lazarus style via another blood leaking out of her eyes and candle quivering spell from Bonnie. Not to mention special plea to Bonnie’s unseen dead descendant arch witch:
“I love him, please?” ah..

Jeremy appears to be allright, saved again, phew. Did think that was pretty big of Elena to forgive Damon for doing the deed and offing her brother once already. Such is Elena’s acceptance of the dastardly deeds of the brothers.

But wait, what is this?, Jeremy utters the obviously ‘oops there’s something wrong here words:
“I feel different”

Wait for it, he gets up and sees two of his friends (including his beloved Vicky), now dead following him around. He calls out to Alaric, still sleeping on the couch, no reply. Unfortunately it looks like Jeremy is now a ghost…..
(close scene and fade to black)

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