Good Films & TV including Fun Trash TV i’ve seen recently May 18th 2011 12:52am

Film:BBC4 last Saturday night: Tell No One in French with English subtitles
Brilliant, loved it, slightly soppy and wild at the end but hey, it’s French all things are allowed in ‘foreign’ and or Art house films. Sigh..if i had watched it and never had to tell about it i would secretly have thought it one of my best films ever. However i feel a bit uncool relating that. A small cynical part of me can never quite buy into romantic/heartfelt scenes. Ok maybe once in a blue moon..

Other good film:
Though more than a little creepy & surprisingly affecting i felt. Strongly reminiscent of at least one novel’s plot i can think of though to say more would be a spoiler.

Two-thirds of a Film seen:The Night Listener
Also very good with Robin Williams playing a serious role. Oddly similar to Catfish..

The Boy Who Swam With Dolphins
A bit coca cola moment but genuinely interesting and a classic if troubled ‘uplifting’ story..Ahh..Dolphins..ahh. Having learnt some fairly unpalatable stuff about the habits of Dolphins through another Documentary once i kept worrying that the clicking one might do something unmentionable to the boy. However i reasoned that this was unlikely inter species and the Dolphins there were most likely not ‘that way’ or screened or something…

Trash but fun TV:
The Vampire Diaries Finale
Oh Deary me, where do i begin??!! i can laugh now, but this regularly freaks me out, good and proper. Not just studiously avoiding the screen and studying the ceiling/wall/floor for the presumed length of time the gore scene dripping in blood will end. No actually a bit scared!

I think i’ve had my fill if you’ll excuse the pun of blood dripping, sliding,. pooling, dribbling out of the corner of some handsome hunk’s mouth in every which way possible. People regularly getting staked, graphically, Oh and the occasional necessary human sacrifice a’ la Aztec style..

That’s not even started on the equally liquid gore ladled out to the ladies. Gee, do they get those females just dripping with blood and necessarily sucking it up a lot, all that liquid blood…

When will the heroines in Vampire series ever ‘get’ that the drastically falling human population count in their nearest and dearest as a direct result of their love for fair Vampire Man is not really worth the err ‘relationship’?

Other ridiculous things to watch for Fun Trash TV:
Rookie Blue
Beauty & The Geek
Jersey Shore (but sadly ended now)
Made in Chelsea: No, don’t do it..Clarissima…
you should hate them all rich poshos etc etc..lolling around in their white skisuits like giant baby gros in the searing sunshine at Chamonix, even dressed in an old shirt “dressed like a painter” young blondie supposedly suffering form a broken heart and appearing to drink either Guniess or irish Coffee out of a champagne glass looks a million dollars.

Although i felt myself getting fatally dragged into made In Chelsea by the human interest arrgghh.. It was slightly sleep making since all the characters spoke with a slow spent and terribly tired drawl like they were going to pop their clogs any minute. It took so long to hear what they had to say by the end of the sentence after a while your eyelids started to droop.

The characters in Made In Chelsea could have been from an old cowboy movie however there is usually only one character who speaks as slow as that. He would have to be the sharpshooter since people were likely to get inpatient with him, even then, back in the West..

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