appropos of nothing:a tendentious spiral tale 5th May 2011 4:46pm

  • 5 May 2011 4:46PM

    appropos of nothing:(a tendentious spiral tale)
    i once went out on a date with a guy who (& this should have set alarm bells ringing) proudly announced that he had on his “shoes for Court” then proceeded to walk in a severely triangulated pattern scarily reminiscent of drunk tramps. He then angrily argued with the barmaid when she refused to take his brandished bit of old paper receipt from his pocket which he loudly declared was money!

    Moral of this story fellas, always remember your wallet..(well on a date) unfortunately the place we went to had open Spiral stairs, (there’s my link!) and after ‘my date’ had a nice rest he had decided upon by sitting down on the floor, i had to get help to push him back up the eponymous spiral staircase!…

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