Cool TV &Fun Films this week:Connie & Carla &The Event 25 May 2011

Ahh, Connie & Carla, love that movie..
(ok it’s a bit dated & cheesy but i don’t care)

Nobody gets murdered and it’s like a stage play which is relevant to the film itself.. Plus it’s funny. Toni Colette is in it with the girl from The Big Fat Greek Wedding. Toni Colette was brilliant in Muriel’s Wedding
It has musical bits in it but don’t worry if you don’t like musicals, i don’t either and still like the film. Surprising however to find how many lyrics i knew..Look out for their hilarious but brief spoof on Jesus Christ Superstar (the musical) and a skit on South Pacific. ( “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair”) Also Debbie Reynolds appears in it looking bright and chippper and does a rendition of “rain on my parade” brilliant stuff.

The Event: Channel 4
The Event is officially cool TV. It disappeared for a while when it hadn’t finished and then equally surreptitiously re-appeared. It also keeps changing it’s times. Maybe it’s all Part Of The Plan? The Event is good-ish. However not as good as it could have been(sadly) and not quite bad enough to be fun trash TV. What does that make it? Middle of the road, fair to middling, or just a bit good..

Shame because it could have been superb. It had all the right ingredients. some good actors. Great locations. A beetling along briskly plot. Beautiful girl. Strong women characters. Except for the President’s soppy wife who does eventually grow some cojones..

This leads me onto another plus for The Event, Blair Underwood, (Sighs and swoons silently) The gorgeous and incandescently able actor who can somehow emote without moving a muscle of his face. It’s all in the eyes, i think, (it’s all somewhere). Vastly under-rated as an actor i feel, Blair Underwood was brilliant in the series
‘In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne. Although the vision of them both together kind of hurt your eyes. It was a battle of gorgeousness and i’m not sure who won..

However The Event, like The Good Wife is glossy superficially and classy in look, yet curiously lacking in emotional ‘oomph’. We (or maybe it’s just me) do not feel any empathy or sympathy with or for any of the characters. The crafted plot is insufficient to hold us. We just don’t care. The characters appear mostly vapid and vain. Curiously unsympathetic even when they are ‘fighting for a cause’. They just don’t convince.

The best character in The Event, for me, (well apart from our fair Blair who only gets to frown a lot and walk importantly up& down halls as The President) is Blake Sterling, the Intelligence Director or something. Oh and the Vice President perhaps. Sofia is good too however has become rather monotonous now. Can’t say too much more or would be a spoiler..