Cool cool TV: The Chicago Code 19th May 2011 1:18 First thoughts

Yey! Jennifer Beales , Oh she of Flashdance probably responsible for making me dance oddly ever since however i don’t care because she was cool. Jennifer Beales in Flashdance was a rather improbable welder by day in that film but we didn’t care did we girls & guys?, it only made her cooler..

Then it was off to The L Word for our fair Jennifer, cool as cucumber and twice as sassy (if cucumber was sassy). Umpteen series, too many to mention of the L word were highly enjoyable, especially for the presence of fabulous and beautiful Pam Griers from Pulp Fiction (she was the only straight one) However The L Word girls became a ‘bit up themselves’ (a bit big-headed) as they say in Londinium and sadly the show jumped the shark.

Jennifer Beales has not aged at all i swear so therefore must have the secret to the elixir of life. Jennifer has been given the eponymous tough talking i’m in charge of everything role of the Superintendent of the Chicago Police. So far she just talks like she’s in a gangster film and smirks a lot, just as she’s walking away in particular.

We are told & meant to believe that Jennifer has been ‘a Cop on the street for years’. Although i keep seeing her down the incredibly trendy coffee shop with the gals and of course in her high powered extremely arty job in The L Word..

Jennifer, handily, used to be the partner of the handsome & broody cop who ‘does things his own way’. It is he we see in the opening sequence having a mad car chase and talking down a gun toting guy from a moving car whilst psyching him out to drop the gun.. I recognise the actor from Brotherhood (the good brother). Jennifer immediately employs him to take over the eponymous (special/mysterious) case..

It’s all really really by that i mean really cool..It seems everybody in Chicago is cool.
The Mayor has his own private voice-over-hilarious! The Mayor is already evil (as we hear in his voice-over) and is shown skulking and planning dark deeds in his even darker office and calling for Scotch from his faithful Lily, Assistant.

The Mayor is one of the bad political guys from the Wire, a black guy, very big and impressively scary yet quiet. He has a baldy head and a Roman nose. He is Mayor Colvin, i think, don’t have all the names yet.

Nb. Being a long time Raymond Chandler fan just love the Mayor, his silken backed old school waistcoats (they even had him slowly tying/ replacing? his shoes, have seen that before somewhere The Wire?) and his poetic voice-overs! How unusual to have just one character with a voice over? brilliant! There is one other character that has a voice-over but i can’t say too much on that as it would be a spoiler..

A line from the Mayor”I’m encumbered by the real world”..

Line from our male cop hero whilst questioning a suspect:
“It’s not a whodunnit it’s a You dunnit!”
he also says to his ex-wife;”don’t be such a red-head”

It’s all beautifully shot, not too much of the usual God awful yellow pervading US Cop shows. It’s nearly even normal light but not quite. Bleached out monochrome with blue and brown.

Nb. Corny Irish accents alert: since there is an Irish mobster presence in town cue some suspiciously strangled accents so far. Obviously meant to be Irish which is apparently the hardest accent in the world for most non-Irish actors to accomplish.

i could mention American actors as being the worst manglers of the Irish brogue but that would be rude..There are some terrible English offenders to be fair. The exception being Brad Pitt of course and his amazingly brilliant Southern Irish Accent in Lock Stock and Smoking Barrels..

I think i can relate the ending scene without it being a spoiler since it’s of no real significance however i loved it. Note there is some wonderful dialogue of a poetic nature, i will be looking out for it now from the Mayor. Also the male Cop character says things like this:
“they met their end in ways unkind” (Shakespeare?)

Closing scene: male cop character again:
“If you can’t love Chicago you can’t love anything. This city survived the Great Fire and if there’s one thing it knows is how to punch back.”! (err, ok)

They all drive down the yellow night lit highway looking really glum, sorry, cool…