NIghtshift BBC4 Sunday 15th May 2:30am 2011

BBC4:the The Gift that keeps on giving…
i give you;
On Terrestial TV. BBC4 UK on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, two episodes per night starting 10pm G.M.T(Greenwich Mean Time) 1/2 hour each ending at 11pm.
Can be seen on ‘catch up’ if you have access to the UK ‘i’ player on BBC4’s website. i am guessing, fine details later..

Nightshift is set in Iceland and is part of the current BBC4 series that is all about Iceland. Nightshift has subtitles in English and is in Icelandic. It is slow at first, however give it a chance, it may remind you as it did me of all the horrible jobs you ever had. I could say more but not without giving too much away. I do not want to spoil it for you since Nightshift is a creeper like slow ivy. Funny, hilarious at times, deep and dark and sometimes disturbing. Seriously worth checking out for an ounce, nay, a slice of something fresh in your face like cold water…