Spiral 3-Final Goodbyes(Clarissima finally leaves the party) Ending note by the Host&Writer of The Guardian Newspaper Blog for Spiral 3 :James Donaghy

  • 12 May 2011 1:00AM

    j’en y va mes amis,
    see you for T** K******2
    & The next Spiral, hopefully with more wonderful Blog from our host@James Donaghy, so enjoyed them. Favourite lines of all:

    “Anne Alvaro has a face born for sorrow” *
    “things look bleak for the footballer but he’s a firestarter, twisted firestarter”..

    Merci beaucoup for having us et au revoir to @James Donaghy &all of you Spiralettes, Spiral was brilliant, ne c’est pas?!

    nb.@James Donaghy already appreciate Gilou’s ace undercover skills..can just see him as you say a “crusty with a Special Brew”!

    Until the next modern day tale of cowboys & crucifixion. The catch being that nobody, by which i mean the woman, gets resurrected..

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    12 May 2011 1:28AM

    Thanks clarissima – always liked your in-depth posts.

    And thanks to everyone for your ace comments these past six weeks – lots of on the money insight, things I’d missed and inspired theories. I like how the show turned around some sceptics over time and how that lunk Gilou was elevated to sex symbol on here when there were so many other more obvious candidates around. And I’ll be begging/bribing the skipper to let me loose on season four when the time comes. Tata for now.

Spiral 3 Final Episodes11&12 Discussions & Yet More Final Thoughts(Clarissima still hasn’t left the party/a Left Eye& a Right curl-11 May 2011 4:52pm

11 May 2011 4:52PM

yes, your writing method is a whole new way of writing for me, it is in fact a screenplay or Play script isn’t it? nb. in my paper yesterday (uhum)there is an article about a guy called Perry Pontac who is a playwright who parodies Shakespeare and is now in print with a book called Codpieces. Apparently his plays have been on BBC radio for a long time. So there you are, it’s an art form, who would have known?!

The article is called A Man Of Infinite Jest. It also describes how Alan Bennet has attempted the same thing but the article says it is much harder to do successfully than one might think..

mais oui, moi, obsessive?!

Yes, they do look very different and may have different Fathers, or be brothers from another Mother? Although, yes they do be actors..nb. Roban sdid say “we are not the same”but think he meant in terms of principles.

There is something there i reckon, Martin seriously hates Roban that’s for sure. Roban did warn him that he would bring “everybody down” so no opt out for his Bro. Hence i guess Martin’s pre-emptive strike in confessing. However Martin didn’t have to mess with Roban’s relationship with Isabelle did he?

@all (still here!)
Yes, perhaps i am thinking too much about that, maybe entirely coincidental re Le Shark & he just made that up on the hoof. nb. The Whale as somebody here called him! I think we can be sizeist about an evil character..

I thought i had a minor revelation thinking about the Mirroring of Twins of each other’s characters in Spiral:Yin an Yang in fact. Yin/Yang could be said to be a freeze frame or cut through dissection of a Spiral! Then i re-read James Donaghy’s blog and realised he was already there!..

The mention of Twins in Spiral
Musings on a ‘Twin’ theme:Mirror image Twins:( Right&Left/Yin&Yang)

James Donaghy mentioned Josephine & Pierre. I could put forth our lovely Laure and Roban as twins in character yet opposites. They are both the only characters to stay true to their principles.

Roban believes in the Law above all else and Laure quite literally took the law into her own hands:she was the ‘arm of the law’!(with her gun)

Laure & Roban are twins in terms of their character in that they are not prepared to sacrifice their principles. In Yin & Yang one cannot exist without the other and together they make a whole..

Right & Left: Yin & Yang:
Taking the Right & Left theme to it’s nth degree i give you the lovely Josphine’s beautifully primped multi-curl dangling on the right complementing perhaps the shot of Laure’s burning brightly Left eye and tear trailing down her left cheek.

Mirror image identical twins are in fact a real anomaly in that one twin is left handed and one right. Don’t ask me to explain the biology involved..

Spiral 3 Final Episodes 11&12 Discussions & Final Thoughs 11 May 201112:25am

  • 11 May 2011 12:25AM
    Hey, no worries, Bremont? lovely! yes, we could play swopsies..
    Yes i think it’s fair to keep the dramatic ending secret since that is how the writer has written it& what they would want surely? ne worry pas
    re your Christmas stocking there is always hope…
    a few final thoughts on Spiral
    The Leak somewhere:
    If Tin Tin & Gilou aren’t crooked then there is a leak somewhere since Le Shark did know about the wire tapping. As somebody here cleverly pointed out at the time, Niko’s gang switched to code eg. “goats” where before they hadn’t used coded references. Le Shark knew about the wire tapping then back when he snatched poor Elena.
    Roban’s stitch up by Martin:
    Roban, poor Roban, stitched up every which way by his toad of a brother Martin. Martin the snake in the grass who sews him up with Isabelle & gets him taken off the case by ‘confessing’. He brings down Roban personally through his beloved case and privately. Boy does Martin hate Roban, but why, a childhood thing? I missed a bit of conversation they had about ‘when we were young’..
    Arnaud’s end:
    Arnaud does indeed make with a rope. Well said on here.( I never thought somebody who clearly loved his single parent Mother so much would do that) He does it in some way out of spite towards Roban, however it was a Bit of an over reaction surely. Arnaud wasn’t very well though, was he?
    Perhaps it was a case of ‘if i can’t have her, you can’t’..
    Arnaud and his Isabelle were wound up tighter than the coiled spring Szabo threatened Josephine with. They were more than a bit weird and or soppy/sappy i propose.
    I didn’t really understand what Robans saw in Isabelle who i know was his first love etc. however she acted like she had indeed been trapped inside a tower as an aging Rapunzel for the last, oh, twenty odd years. Then had her hair done in a ‘bob’..
    No second chances with Roban:
    Roban could have given Arnaud a second chance with 3rd time strike out? Considering how deep he was in love with Isabelle, Roban must have realised he was sacrificing his relationship with her on some level.
    Cleverly, as someone said, Roban could have used Arnaud as a double agent to mess with the Mayor & Co and to get more information to really bring them down. Maybe Roban doesn’t think that way. He is (mostly) straight down the line.
    Results of Roban’s Investigation:
    What did this exciting Serpico investigation turn up after all this build up? Some tawdry cameras in a peep hole place near the Ladies. Bit of an anti-climax. Roban was acting like he had broken a heroin ring.
    Does Josephine have Stockholm Syndrome?
    Granted i don’t know the characters but did wonder id Josephine has been groomed rather than trained by Szabo? it all seemed icky and oddly submissive behaviour from her towards Szabo? I get that Szabo is seriously scary.
    Szabo is JJ abrahams from Amadeus meets De Niro as his best bad guy. If Szabo was on screen any longer and you were watching in a cinema i see a small fire, a combustion of the celluloid, spreading smokily into the cinema. Such is his smouldering screen presence..